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5 ways to declutter your entryway

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Use these quick tips to make the entrance of your home more appealing without breaking into a sweat

Make a lasting impression on your guests the moment they step into your house. Remember, the entryway is a reflection of the rest of your house, and the best way to clean up the space is by decluttering it. Use these quick hacks to quickly clear up your foyer for a home that is aesthetically soothing and welcoming.  

1.    Impose limits
The first step in decluttering is making sure only the most essential objects make the entryway their home. Elimination is key to ensuring the area doesn’t look like a hurricane passed through it. One can do this by restricting the number of shoes, taking stock of coats and hats hanging by the door and recognising other objects that can be moved to different areas of the house.

2.    Basket case
Once you have completed eliminating unwanted things, the next step is to organise what remains. The quickest way to do this, while also making a style statement is by using wicker or cane baskets. These provide ample storage, can be regularly cleaned without fuss and also inject a chic charm in the entryway. You can add or subtract the number of baskets as per your requirement too!

3.    Go vertical
Test your creativity by utilising the walls. Fancy hooks, labelled tags or even quick DIY hangers can come to the rescue and be used to hang coats, umbrellas, bags, etc that are needed when stepping out of the house. To make the space prettier, you can suspend planters that hold succulents or flowers of your choice.

4.    Small is big
Another way to clear out the entryway is to opt for small cupboards and cabinets with plenty of drawers. This ensures maximum storage in a minimal amount of space. Plus, these can be named and coded as per what they contain, making the whole exercise more effective. A small storage space also restricts your ability to add more things, thereby enforcing a cleaner environment.

5.    Mark your territory
In order to demarcate the area between the entryway and the front part of the house, employ the divide and rule technique. Use a rug, dhurrie or even differently coloured tiles to separate the areas. This plays a role in ensuring what’s needed the next day, doesn’t travel beyond its designated space. Plus, it also doubles up as a visual element adding to the style and design quotient of your home.

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