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Essentials for a modern entryway

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Simple, clean lines and chic design translate into a modern, clutter-free entryway. Here are our tips to fashion your own modern entryway

Clean lines, less clutter and shiny metal – what’s not to love about modern interiors? And often they work well in what could be the most cluttered zone of your home – the entryway. Imagine a pile of shoes, umbrellas, jackets. If that's got you shifting in your seats, then we have just the solution for you. Modern is the way to go for those detail obsessed, OCD folks out there. Here's a checklist of the essentials for a modern entryway:

1.    Clean lines
Pick symmetrical furniture with clean lines. Simple geometrical shapes are your best bet for this. Keep distressed finish for another day.

2.    Less clutter
One important thing about modern entryways is that it needs to have a clean look. Avoid cluttering it up with extra bags, coats and shoes. Look at smart, concealed storage options for a clutter free entryway.

3.    Monochromes
Remember what we said about clutter? That applies for colour too. Rein in the colours and opt for monochromes or there’s always the classic combo of black and white to fall back on.

4.    Accents
Bring in points of visual interest thorough artefacts, mirrors, photo frames, or console knobs. In order to maintain cohesion with the furniture, pick accents with a metal finish.

5.    Plants
To soften up the look a bit and to add an informal touch, potted plants are the way to go. It’s also a way in which you can introduce colour and some homely charm.

6.    Lighting
When it comes to lighting up the area, opt for soft alcove lighting or place sleek table lamps on the console. Use the latter to highlight some of the pieces you’ve placed on the console.

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