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Easy ways to make working from home a bit prettier


I like changing things in my working area every couple of days. During this lockdown phase especially, making a bit of change keeps me happy and positive. It is a simple exercise that can bring a smile to your face. 


And you can make it work with things available to you easily. Forget the flower market. Look around you and see what greenery you have access to. Maybe there are little periwinkles, money plants, succulents growing somewhere around you, on a balcony or windowsill maybe, that would work. Or use a big green leaf, or even some dried branches to make things interesting. 

The desk accessories can double up as vases in this foraged design. A pen stand, a glass, a jig, or a coffee mug maybe? Or, repurpose old toys and collectibles into a holder for a flower or a leaf.

Other ideas: 

  • To add colour or make it more fun, stack fruits and poke a leaf into it.

  • Don’t take it seriously. Keep it light and quirky.

  • I’ve used a few books as a base to create a little composition that sits on the corner of this table.

A white and a purple flower placed in two dolls on a table with a yellow background

Repurposing old toys into miniature flower vases instantly adds to the look of the table.

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 couple of ferns, a lotus stem and three pens placed inside a coffee mug, which is placed on a book

Adding a leaf or textured stem to your pen stand will add an interesting touch to your desk.

 An orange and a custard apple stuck together placed a table along with a pen

Stacking fruits along with a leaf poked into it, will add textures and colours to your table, making it a fun arrangement.

A coffee mug placed on three books, along with two flowers and an orange and a custard apple put together and placed on a table

Using a couple of books as the base and placing all the elements creatively together, will create a refreshing composition.


Prachi Damle

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