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Buying guide - how to choose the right study table

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The necessity for a study table for the bedroom ensures thorough privacy and ease for a  student/professional and helps keep the work organized.

Here are some essential guidelines that can help you make the final choice on how to choose the best quality study table.  From the best space-saving study table for work from home to the most productive simple study table for office work to a multi-purpose study table with cabinet and bedroom wall mounted study tables - let’s dig all of it.

Things to keep in mind while buying a study table

Evaluate the study table size:

Size is one of the most crucial factors to contemplate while selecting a study table for academic/work purposes. Use a study table with the right size that is enough to accommodate your study material or laptop.  It is recommended that you have an estimate of the size necessities before you choose to buy one. The height, breadth and length should be in harmony with the space that is available in the room. If your room is not a spacious one, then you may opt for a linear table to save space and fit the aesthetic appeal. Bigger rooms can easily accommodate an L-shaped or U-shaped study table and chair.

Consider the storage options of the study table:

Your study table should be professional enough to help you minimize the wastage of time and energy. A study table with storage facilities assures that you can easily access your everyday basic things without much effort. While most tables come with a fundamental drawer, opt for study tables with drawers open to keep your books and entrenched drawers to keep extra exercise books and other stationery items.

Remember the room décor and aesthetic:

Why buy those monotonous and simple study table with wooden finish when you can opt for study tables with amazing designs? Well designed spaces encourage creativity, keep students focused & attentive and lead to peace. Modern study tables are designed to fit the present-day urban chic interior décor. Pick a study table that has a suitable sort of design or pattern to correspond to your room interior. Few tables come with cabinets and cork boards for a contemporary look.

Pick good quality material for your study table:

The material of any furniture signifies the longevity of that piece. 

Study table design with storage space for your home - Beautiful Homes

Similarly, the material of a study table should be of rich quality to guarantee long-term use. Think buying a tad bit expensive material as an investment to be utilised by generations to come. While wood is one of the most widely used materials, you can consider wrought iron and semi wooden tables as well.

Consider the study table ergonomics:

It is basic to evaluate your requirements before buying the study table, particularly if the user will be a kid. The most beneficial approach to getting a comfortable table is to make the user sit at the table and confirm the table height.

The right chair:

Once you are done with all the elements that your study table needs to help you enhance your focus, all you need is an excellent chair to match it. Find a chair that has the competent height to match your study table.


A huge variety of study table designs are available that suit any room décor or serve any specific purpose. The study table design ideas range from contemporary to minimalist to utility-rich. After considering and analysing all the factors for which you need a study table, you can select one from the vast range of study table designs.

Corner study table design idea for your elegant home interiors - Beautiful Homes


When you have space limitations for the installation of a study table, a corner study table is a suitable solution. In such a compact arrangement, a corner table satiates your need for a piece of furniture. With minimal composition, it comes with drawers for additional storage space. Another advantage of a corner study table is that the walls provide added utility area.


A writing table has a minimal design with little storage space. It serves flawlessly against a wall and suits better with a laptop than with a desktop. With its conventional and relaxed style, it 

works perfectly in any space, at home or work. The simple design of this study table reflects a refined vibe with a sleek look that highlights the décor of your room. Apart from its simplistic traditional study table design, writing tables are also available in stylish and trendy designs.


A standing table is an answer to the health discussion that arises due to being set to one sitting position. It has a smart look with flexible utility. This study table design comes in three main varieties:
-    An accessory to mount on your regular table for you to work standing up.

-    A complete desk which can be modified as per your height necessity.

-    A stand-up desk at a raised position.


A wall-mounted table is one of the most refined and contemporary study table design concepts that serve a significant objective of décor without occupying any floor area. This free table can be mounted on the wall of any room. The shelves area provide the right amount of space you need in a small area.


An executive desk has a sturdy design with numerous functionalities. Its immensity comes with a smart and utility-rich structure that reflects a rich look that stands strong and stable in your room. This one comes with loads of storage drawers, a 

Wall-mounted study table design for saving some space in your home - Beautiful Homes

massive footprint, and gracefully carved designs. On top of these characteristics, it has a spacious surface area that gives you plenty of options for utilisation. All in all, an executive table imparts a great sense of brilliance and a timeless charm.


Study tables or work tables are not a luxury. They are essential in the present situation where either we are forced to stay home due to the pandemic or the world is shifting to remote work as a new normal. Here’s why you must invest in a good study table:

Wooden antique study table design for your home - Beautiful Homes

●    A good study table or work desk can help enhance

●    It assures a good posture and fewer back pains or other health

●    It permits you to work and study with efficiency

●    Provides a formal vibe and improves your work from
       home/online study experience

With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can find your perfect study table. Here’s how we can help you design/buy a perfect study table for your space:

●    With our vision and planning, you can design a budget-friendly small study table instead of big study table that is not only aesthetically
       pleasing but also successful for a small space.

●    Technique and precision are essential to us. We ensure that the design of the study table and chair is tailored to be practical and
      comprehensive for maximum utility.

●    Our tables come with ample customization opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose.

●    We have a huge range of options to fulfill your dreams. From a study table with drawers  to a luxurious big study table, we can do it all for

●    We do not compromise on quality and craft best pieces despite having the most competitive low-cost smart study tables in the market.

●    We do not finalize the design until we have your sign-off.

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