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7 essentials for the home office

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Arm yourself with our home office essentials to make working from home feel like a breeze

Increasingly it has become difficult to draw a clear line between office and home. If you, like us, would also much prefer working from home, these are the absolute essentials to have for your new home interior design office. The couch may seem like a tempting alternative, but let’s face the truth, it just aids the procrastination devil. So, here’s our checklist of things you need to be super productive at home:

For a desktop computer, the right desk must have enough space for a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Choose a Swedish design if you have minimal storage for stationery, important documents, etc. It gives you a clean, flat surface to work on while providing storage in the form of drawers. You can affix a floating desk to the wall or credenza, if all you use is a laptop.

The right chair can make a definitive difference to one’s health and wellness. Choose an ergonomic design – one that reclines, provides adjustable height (in case you want to stand and work for short periods), has armrests, and adjustable lumbar support.

Open floating shelves help save space. If you prefer to keep things out of sight, choose cabinets (at the same height as your desk) with drawers. Place it alongside your workstation for easy access.

Aside from an overhead light, a desk lamp also helps illuminate the space. Choose one which is sleek, has clean lines and an adjustable head and arm. Place it on the side of the desk opposite your dominant hand to avoid shadows.

Magnetic dry-erase/soft board
Brainstorm fresh ideas or solutions for any issues or hurdles using a magnetic dry-erase board. Place soft boards near your workstation to pin-up inspiring quotes, reminders for important calls or meetings, and more.

Daily planner and other stationery items
A smart planner, good laptop bag and organised stationery show you are prepared, help flesh out your daily goals and aid in achieving them. For your desk, invest in a smart pen holder and a box for items such as stapler, post-its, tape, paper clips, scissors, etc.

Plants, art and scents
Invest in some houseplants, simple art for the walls and even some scents – with the help of a coffee maker or tea kettle, perhaps. These stimuli are known to boost creativity and reduce stress.

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