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5 essentials you need to have in your study

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Setup a study without breaking into a sweat with just these five essentials

It’s not always easy to work from home, even though it is a dream for most. It is easy to get distracted by several things, and for all you know, you may just end up napping instead of meeting your deadlines. Having your own dedicated space to work can help focus. The good thing is, it doesn’t take a lot to setup your own home office. So, get going now with these five essentials:

·    Desk
While this might seem the most obvious addition to the home office, one which is at a proper height for you is important. It needs to be big enough to accommodate your work machine, files, papers and other paraphernalia you may need when working. 

·    Chair
Since you are going to be spending a lion’s share of the time in this seat, we suggest buying an ergonomic and comfortable one. However, it shouldn’t be one you sink into, as that can lead to drowsiness. The chair should enable you to sit upright with proper spine and shoulder support. 

·    Table/ Task Lamp
If your home office does not have enough natural light streaming in, a table or task lamp is an investment you must make. Get one with a flexible, dimmable head so that you’re in control of the intensity as well as the area you want to light up.

·    File Cabinet
An organised workspace is half the battle won against procrastination. A filing cabinet or paper organiser helps you keep all your notes, scribbles and important papers in one place so you can access them easily when you need to refer to them. 

·    Planters
These provide some visual relief and serve as a focus point. Plus, they help ease tired eyes and prevent your workspace from becoming monotonous and boring.

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