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4 spaces that are the perfect inspiration for your child's room

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Most parents will agree that spaces that are built for their kids ought to be practical as well as adorable. Decor plays a very important role in shaping a child’s early understanding of the world, so there are always some key elements to consider. We’re looking at some of our favourite children's room designs to understand how these spaces have managed to strike a balance between good-looking and practical.

A minimalist nursery designed by Rubel Dhuna Architects, in Mumbai
Unlike the rest of her home, Prembhari Thakkar wanted a minimal and accessible room for her two-year-old daughter. She also wanted the room to have a lot of softness and so the furniture is white in colour. While the walls are light grey bringing in some coziness to the space. Everything that her daughter owns is out on display in the style of a Montessori playroom. This way everything she wants is in sight and easily accessible owing to the small scale furniture designed for her. Rubel Dhuna Architects, based in Mumbai, customised every detail around a simple yet well thought out theme. If building a minimalistic pastel nursery is on your mind, then this is the perfect inspiration for you.
Take a look at this space here.

Prembhari Thakkar's daughter has a minimal children's room design - Beautiful Homes

A minimal and accessible nursery for a two-year-old always assures safety. Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Kids room design for a girl & boy by Peekaboo Interiors - Beautiful Homes

Personality driven; built-to-grow rooms are ideal designs for teenagers. Image courtesy, Peekaboo Interiors

Built-to-grow rooms for teenagers designed by Peekaboo Interiors, in Chennai
Peekaboo Interiors, based in Chennai, re-designed two spaces for siblings who shared a room since they were infants. But once they entered their teenage years, they decided to have spaces of their own. With fixtures that are built-to-grow, the two spaces are now styled around each of their personalities. For the girl’s room, elements like comfortable small sized armchairs for when her friends visit or the LED light wall art, add bits of her personality to her space. While in her brother’s case, his room has many sports elements showing his love for the same. If you have more than one child in their growing years, the tips in this feature will definitely help you.
Take a look at this space here.

A newborn’s nursery designed by Sarah Sham, in Mumbai
Based in Mumbai, interior designer Sarah Sham discovered her pregnancy, right when the pandemic had made its way into our lives. With the added challenge of the lockdown, she planned every detail remotely and in advance. The set up took only two days as a result. Small things like having a soft surface, a rug and technical things like having a CCTV system in place or a light dimmer are very helpful tips that Sarah shared with us. Take a look at how she planned the nursery for some important tips here.

Nursery design & décor by designer Sarah Sham - Beautiful Homes

Small things like having a soft surface, a rug and technical things like having a CCTV system in place or a light dimmer are very helpful details in a nursery. Photography by Prachi Damle

Minimal & warm nursery design with soothing colour palette by Romilla Tewari - Beautiful Homes

Including mindful and significant details in a child’s room help shape their early understanding of the world. Photography by Deepak Agarwal

A calming baby nursery designed by Romilla Tewari, in Delhi
Sohila wanted everything in her baby’s room to mean something. Hoping to imbibe qualities of mindfulness and sensitivity in her daughter as she grows up. Details like her name on the wall, along with a butterfly print is of great significance to the couple and not just a simple print. She didn’t want to go with the colourful and busy aesthetic. Instead a warm, minimal, uncluttered room infused with a soothing colour palette and cute accents was what she absolutely loved. Thinkcutieful, based in Delhi, by Romilla Tewari built the room in such a way that it is functional and minimal making sure the room grows with the baby. This room is an inspiration for those parents who would like to add a layer of well thought out detailing to their child’s space.
Take a look at this nursery here.

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