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Trends you need to know about Indian living room décor in 2022

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The living room is the epicentre of any home. Special and beautiful Indian living room décor shares a few things for all intents and purposes. They are sociable, stunning, and fit in with the taste and character of the individuals who use them. You can have endless possibilities and ideas to beautify your living room design. Being said that as it may, you have to start with the basic question: what would you like to use it for? It may very well be a space for gatherings and parties, or a spot to stare at the TV together in the evening or similarly can be used as an eating area. The Indian living room designs have gone through some major transformations and adaptations but have still retained the warmth and charm of Indian traditions. Read on to know about the latest trends to know about Indian Living room décor.

5 factors to consider when planning your ideal living room

Living room Interior design may seem a simple job but it is not always that. People tend to design a room without much research and planning. However, no remarkable design happens by chance. Remember to consider the given essential factors before making the final strategy as to how you are going to include your personal design style in your living room:

1. The Living Room Furniture

We all tend to populate a room with lots of furniture without thinking much about it. You should have essential furniture in a room but you need to make sure that there isn't too much 

Indian living room interior design to enhance your home decor - Beautiful Homes

furniture to hinder the activity of people in it. Avoid making a room too crowded with furniture.

Lighting Ideas to brighten up your Indian living room - Beautiful Homes

2. The Lighting in the Living Room

Always look out for options to have maximum natural light in the living room. Likewise, any light fittings and fixtures also need to be chosen carefully. Using multiple layers of lights is a wonderful way to have sufficient and perfect lighting in a room. The first objective of any great lighting of a living room design should be not to over or less light in a room.

3. The Purpose Of The Room

The living room interior design, dining room interiors, and home office should all be distinct in some way as each room has a different purpose. Thus, it’s noteworthy you always keep the 

purpose of the room in your mind. Look out for choices to make the things you will be doing in the room easy and simple by applying some interior design trends 2022.

4. Your taste And Preference

When you design an interior for a living room, it should have an excellent reflection of your personality, preference and taste. When you're pondering over living room décor ideas, there are many aspects you should consider, like budget etc.

 5. Living Room Colour Pallette And Patterns

Colours can play a pivotal role in a room to make it look appealing. The choice of colours can make or break a design. So, select the colour palette of the walls, furniture, lights and so on after thorough research. Adding home décor items with the right colour combinations can boost the appearance of your room!

Latest Indian Living room design and décor trends

As 2022 is here, some home décor trends 2022 are expected to be largely popular. The year welcomes, engaging and comfortable designs that can permeate class and brilliance in every nook and corner of the house.

●    Vibrant Shades:

 Apart from connecting with people emotionally, colours affect mood and well-being greatly. Brighter colours are influential in enriching happiness and giving homes an impressive look. Apart from that, the shades exhibit the overall personality of the home and it’s owner. Hence, 2022 is all about giving your living room an attractive look with rich and lively colours. The new-age homeowners, consisting of a large cohort of millennials, are very careful while selecting a colour for the living room interiors.

●    Patterns for Living room décor:

 If you love India and an Indian style living room design, then you 

Indian living room design & décor trends in 2022 - Beautiful Homes

must have already noticed the significance of patterns to the Indians! Patterns are a huge part of the Indian home and living room decoration; you could decide to adventure with a lightly patterned wallpaper to add a twist to your living room walls, or opt for a less bold selection and use patterns in smaller spaces. You can even go for sofas or chairs upholstered in patterned fabrics. Handspun fabrics are also historical elements that add that old charm to any simple Indian middle class living room.

●    Natural Texture and Materials of living room:

 Natural textures and materials are believed to be sensory stimulated, delivering the calm of nature in the home. From decorative materials such as dried flowers, dyed grasses to furniture are on the priority list for the living room décor. Earthy textures, organic natural shapes, raw materials, greenery, and nature-inspired colours and textures are in living room ideas vogue.

●    Handmade Magnificence and Artisanal Items for living room:

 To meet the aesthetic sense of beauty, hand-made crafts that are more engaging than artificial items are ideal for the 2022 living room. Their timeless beauty is more appealing and gives the traditional Indian Living room design a unique look. This trend has picked up momentum and recognizing the same, most designers are creating designs as per the architecture of the home and your taste.

●    Living room Flooring:

 Since India’s climate is normally hot, picking floors here is influenced by trying to cool the house temperature. Granite floors are the most preferable since they don’t stain and are more durable than others. Then comes marble which also gives the gorgeous gloss of granite, though it may fade with time. And finally comes the most affordable of all, tiles. They can crack readily but they have eclectic colour and design choices that can suit everyone’s taste.

Furniture trends to look out for in your Indian living room - Beautiful Homes

●    Curvy Furniture:

 The pandemic has taught all of us to incorporate more softness in life. This very preference has raised the demand for curvy furniture to spruce up a living room. The curve of furniture is now extending beyond the luxurious C-shape. Additionally, rounded shape furniture designs are also gaining much appreciation. These designs are not only comfortable but also soothing for the eyes of the inhabitants or the guests.

●    Mixed Metal Designs for living room:

 Homes utilising metals is stealing the show fro interior design trends in 2022. Popular metals used are silver, gold, tin and 

copper. The mixed metal décor is quite trendy. Silver and brown metals work pleasingly together like iron and gold or bronze. Remember not to mix more than three metals in one space as your living room décor could then become too overwhelming. Instead, spread the metals out on various horizontal and vertical planes.

●    Glass Lighting for the living room:

 The way we light an Indian middle class living room has changed significantly with variation in colour and texture while enabling deep warming hues. The shifts are not only according to the sense of the beauty but also as per the sustainability standards. Furthermore, people are opting for energy-efficient lighting. Due to the inclination towards leisurely comfortable designs and the increased awareness towards the environment, the trend is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments.

Spruce up your living rooms with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

For Indians, homes are not less than a paradise. We give attention to each detail when it comes to home and its adornment. Moreover, there’s no denying the fact that a living room is the showpiece of a home – a place where you entertain guests or spend time bonding with your family. It’s only natural that you want it to be the eye candy for your home. Living rooms interior design trends 2022  play an important role in transforming them. It can help to brighten up a dull or dark space or give a tranquil vibe to a busy or small space.

 If you do not have enough knowledge and experience, getting 

Sofa seating for the comfort in your Indian living room - Beautiful Homes

some professional interior design help can be the best idea. It can save your time, money and also ensure excellent quality of design. With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes interior design professionals, you can create the right look in your living room and opt for a smarter way to begin this daunting task. You can enrich your spaces by choosing the right décor ideas and patterns. In a world of millions of options, it’s best to go with experts who know the relevant trends and the right experience knowing how each Indian living room idea can impact your space.

Beautiful Homes offers you professionals who are dedicated to giving you spaces that you can cherish for life. From the right furnishings and paints in diverse colours to a variety of wall decoration items for the living room that dress up your space—find what you’re looking for, to get your living room design just right. Our Beautiful Homes Service Advantage includes:
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