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7 multipurpose living room designs for your home in 2021

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A living room is most definitely the heartbeat of any home. To effectively design or renovate yours, you must first list out the activities you and your loved ones would like to use the living room for. Depending on that, you can then plan the kinds of sections you need and how to design it.

Be it for cozy movie nights with your family or cocktail brunches with your friends, if designed efficiently, no living room can be too small to put it to varied uses.

Let us take you through some of our favourite multipurpose living room designs to show you what we mean;

An L-shaped couch, a smart TV and a soft rug is all you need in your living room to enjoy a cozy movie night at home. What’s interesting here is how the dining area is right next to the couch space and yet not at all intruding the activity. In a multipurpose living room design like this one, you can be sure to shuffle between dinner and conversations quite swiftly.

Not to forget how the use of light wood enhances the cozy vibe of this designer living room.

Multipurpose living room design with light wood enhances, L-shaped couch and a soft rug  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Multipurpose living room design interesting pieces in black and gold - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

This artistic cave of a living room is sure to inspire your design cells if your work is an important part of your life. While one section of this multipurpose living room is a modern workstation with interesting pieces in black and gold, the couch area is where you can continue your meetings to a celebration. The most important part about designing a space like this effortlessly is the seamless continuation of colour palette, which here is simply awe-inspiring. 

What a big family needs is a living room design that not only is spacious but also designed to make all generations feel at home. While the dining area is rather formal yet warm, the couch area has a mix of varied armchairs and a rug to bring a large family together. We love how the transparent swing adds some fun to this designer living room while enhancing the beige theme of this space. 

Multipurpose spacious living room design with couch, mix of varied armchairs and a rug - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Minimalism Multipurpose living room with velvet couches  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock.com

We don’t know where to begin to decode this mesmerising minimalistic living room design that not only seems to be grounding but also serves as a modern cave. While the industrial walls are in sync with the velvet couches as well as the floor, the sustainable rug, light wood coffee table and the bamboo lampshade simply add a beautiful refreshing vibe to this spacious living room. With woofers and a smart TV in place in front of, what we could call, an occasional dance floor, this living room can effortlessly serve as a quiet workspace as well as a party pad as and when needed. 

With a dining space that welcomes the closest of your family members for a quiet evening spent savouring culinary masterpieces, this living room interior design is also perfect for some alone time tucked away on your armchair for some reading. Marbles and a sober colour palette makes this living room design so very calming as well as inspiring all at once.

The highlight is, without a doubt, the painting that marries the colour palette of this entire space. 

Multipurpose spacious living room design marbles and a sober colour palette  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Multipurpose living room design with bar section and red couch - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

This living room design is just perfect if you love nothing more than a space that could comfortably cater to all your friends on a cocktail night. While the bar section with stools function as the energy server, the red couch stands out in this jungle-vibe space, lifting your spirits effortlessly. We all know how house plants instantaneously brighten up any indoor space but the huge tiger painting just takes this multipurpose living room design to another level.

Looking for some quiet time in this vibrant house? The deck will take care of that for you.

While your living space may be limited, your design options never are. For every art lover who would like a living room that not only helps one relax but also keeps them inspired, we say this is a designer living room to take notes from. The floor and walls just act like light and shadow, only to make sure everything else in this limited space pops. A watercolour wallpaper that is beautifully in sync with the rug, pastel blue shelves to add some colourful books and paintings and moon pendant lamps to add just the right spark - is just enough to make this living room look chic even though some bedroom essentials like the cupboard stand tall in the background.

The key takeaway? You don’t always need expensive metallic elements in a space to make it look interesting.

Multipurpose living room design studio apartments with grey sofa and pastel blue shelves - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Which multipurpose living room matches the one in your dreams?

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