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Organise the centre table in your living room this Diwali


Keep your center table organized and stylish this Diwali with our handy living room design tips

It’s the anchor of the living room – the centre table. It’s also the scene of crime where you will find everything from newspapers and magazines to remote controls and stray plates of food. It is after all the easiest and most convenient place to reach from the couch. But come Diwali, we all need to clean up our act to make way for plates of mithai, puja thalis and more. If you’re at a loss on how to organise it, follow our easy tips for a spick and span centre table:
1.    Declutter. Clear the table of everything you don’t need, or better yet, start with a blank slate. Clear the whole table and start
       organising from scratch
2.    Shortlist the things you want to highlight – this will help you plan your arrangement better without making the table seem too
3.    Zero in on a hero object. This can be an animal bust, a travel find, a family heirloom or even a gift from a dear one. This will be the
       focus of your setting and everything else can be placed around it
4.    Work with groups and trays. Place accents such as decorative votives, vases, etc, in a tray along with small bowls filled with
       potpourri and group your coffee table books or magazines in a pile
5.    Create some eye movement by playing with heights. Use a mix of tall and small objects on your centre table and layer them smartly.
       For instance, pile two or three coffee books and use it as a base to place your votives. Bring in tall stemmed flowers to give the
       arrangement height and add freshness to the room


Produced by

Pragnya Rao

Photography by

Madhurjya Saikia

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