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how to use living room's wallpaper innovatively

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Get some creative ideas for using wallpaper designs for living room innovatively in your home decor

If you thought wallpaper was only for walls, we have some news for you. There are many innovative ways of using wallpaper in home décor, from using it in wall niches, to lining drawer shelves and the back of bookshelves.

Define a wall niche with wallpaper:
If you have a niche in the wall, cover just that area with wallpaper. This usually works well in the living room. Another option to use a niche on the wall is by fixing floating shelves within the niche and covering the back of the shelves with wallpaper. Use this as an open shelf to showcase your curios and souvenirs.

Line discarded drawers:
Upcycle old, wooden drawers by giving them a new coat of polish and then line the back of the drawer with leftover wallpaper bits. Fix a hook at the back of the drawer and use it as a wall shelf to display your collection of décor objects.

Line the back of bookshelves:
Cover the back of your bookshelf with wallpaper to give your staid old bookshelf a twist. Use strong adhesive that works on wood during the application process.

Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.
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