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How to use pastel colours in the living room

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Bring in light, candy-coloured pastel shades to ace that soft, dreamy look in your living room

We’ll admit it right off the bat – we spend a great amount of time curating the perfect living room decor look on our Pinterest board. And our hearts almost always veer towards those gelato ice cream-like delicate pinks, baby blues and tender greens. The best part? Pastels work year-round – they’re perfect for cool interiors in the summer; mellow interiors in the monsoon and the cheerful shades help beat the winter pallor. So, we decoded how you can work pastels into your home, read on to know more:

1.    Bring in cushion covers, rugs and throws in pastel colours to pile on your sofas, seaters and floors. These can be solids or patterned.
       As pastels are light you don’t have to worry about mixing too many – play with as many as you want. Curtains are another canvas for
       bringing in pastels. Achieve the ultimate dreamy look with sheer curtains in icy mint or frosted blue

2.    You can even incorporate pastel colours through lighting. If you’re wondering how, it’s easy – for floor and table lamps, opt for ones
       with pastel coloured shades; use remote controlled, dimmable LED lighting strips with customisable colours as spot and alcove
       lighting; for pendant and overhead lights, go for candy-coloured metal ones (hello, rose gold!) that will increase the cute quotient in
       your living room

3.    For chairs and sofas pick sugar shades for upholstery. Alternately, furniture such as centre and side tables with powder coated
       frames in soft, matte shades will also inject a dose of pastels in the space. Remember to work with soft colours only even when it
       comes to wood, ash greys and soft browns are what you must look for

4.    Flowers – whether an entire bunch or two-three stems – in pale, washed out shades will soften the overall look of your elegant living room

5.    To whole heartedly embrace pastels in your living space, splash them across your walls. This can be in the form of paints, wallpapers
       and even decals. You can choose to cover all the walls or just one for a statement wall. If you ask us, we believe in more the merrier!

6.    Artworks in soft, calming pastel shades will also do wonders to your space. Create a gallery wall or buy a large triptych, the choice is

Go ahead, create your own pastel coloured haven with this handy guide

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