How to plan your bar cabinet at home


Always wanted to set up a bar at home, but not sure where to start? Bobby Aggarwal, founder, Portside Café guides you on the basics

The decision of owning a home bar is one of the few decisions in furniture purchase where a man gets more play. Let’s assume the level of involvement is more intense than say for a bedroom or dining room.

The most essential pre-requisite of owning a bar at home is for the person to be a lover of the drink. It also has a lot to do with a personality type. Generally this person loves to collect and has a certain pride in telling tales of the contents of different liquids in the bar.

The second essential prerequisite is to have the space and then decide which kind of bar would be suited to the space and of course the people living in that house. A large space could take in a full sized standing (service) bar. This typically comes with a counter and the host or barman can mix drinks behind the cabinet and offer them across the counter to 3 – 4 people occupying barstools. It can store a large amount of liquors and glasses and other bar accessories. This is a good option to entertain a large gathering. It can be customized to accommodate a small fridge, a waste bin, and even a wine-chiller. The location of this bar should be such that it is easily serviceable by the kitchen staff and not come in the way of guests.

For small spaces, a mini bar is more suited and is definitely more intimate in nature, this is ideally suited for a large bedroom or a small living room. The storage is enough to entertain 3-4 people. If on wheels it could be rolled out to the veranda in good weather.

A medium sized bar can be a cabin bar and comes in the form of a cupboard or a cabinet. Again it’s the size of the space available that will determine its selection. 

Last but not the least, the booze you collect, the glasses you choose, the gizmos you invest in, all come through knowledge and wisdom gathered from family traditions, friends and your travels. Here the duty free shops come in handy. 


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