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How to choose colour combinations for a small room

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Tired of decorating rules when it comes to choosing colours for your small space? We made it a tad easier with our four-point guide

Despairing about colour combinations for your small space? We have been there. Narrowing down on the perfect colour palette for your small room is a war half won. But remember the idea is not always to turn a small living room design into a larger looking one Instead, the goal ought to be creating a cosy and inviting space where the size of the room doesn’t even matter. Below are some tried and tested tips to pick a winning combination:

The White Flag
The idea that an all-white or all-neutral scheme makes a small living room appear larger might not always work. A white room with sparse furniture might look bigger to some but it also runs the risk of looking cold and characterless. Instead, try pairing whites with bright and bold colour combinations for small living rooms like blue, red, orange and green for vibrancy.  

Get Shady With It
Monochromes can do magic. Pick a single colour that appeals to you and use various tints and shades of it to paint and accent the room. If you’re someone who likes order, this particular colour scheme trick is your best bet.

One Wall To Bind Them
While focal walls are not for everyone, they can work well in small rooms. Pick a deeper, bolder hue for the focal wall while keeping the rest of the walls in a light, more neutral colour. This makes the focal wall recede and opens up the rest of the room.

Code Coded
Unlike popular perception, cool colours can also create a cosy space, especially if you have plenty of natural light streaming in. Use the walls, accessories and soft furnishing to your advantage to create a scheme with three colours like blue + grey + black or mint + white + red.

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