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Green living room tips for all décor styles

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A space to unwind, refresh and rejoice – living rooms, as the name suggests, is where we all spend most of our time refuelling ourselves. What better colour is there to adorn our living rooms than green? A colour that signifies growth and renewal. Since it is the prime colour found in nature, it holds a special power of healing and restoring positive energy. Be it in the form of faux grass in your balcony, little house plants in your bedroom or cosy couches in the living room, the colour green adds not only a dash of vibrancy but also a sense of calmness.

From green walls to rugs and couches, we’ve explored various green living room designs to curate a list of tips that would help you make the best out of this surreal colour, for your living room following various décor themes.

Whether it is to celebrate a productive day or revive from a bad one, a green living room like this would, unknowingly, project a sense of comfort. The reason why this green living room looks so refreshing and open — in spite of the dark green living room wall — is the clear contrast added by the white couch on the white marble flooring. It’s true that the rug is as white as the floor, but the uneven stripes add texture to the otherwise plain pattern on the ground.

The sense of comfort in this green contemporary living room is mainly due to the beautifully flawed house plants. Giving this 

Green Living Room Design With Dark Green Walls & White Floor & Furniture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu-shutterstock

space a modern jungle vibe, it’s interesting to see how we can find perfection in nature’s imperfections. The wooden side table and cabinet only add to the outdoor design style, coupled with frames with painted leaves and abstract geometric art.

The jaw dropping detail in this green living room? Every single shade of green found in one corner is mirrored in the other.

Green Living Room Corner With Pink Freida Kahlo Painting, Velvet Chair & Rug - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, AUDENZA

If you’re afraid a green living room might be too much for you, go green in just one corner of the room. As we see in the photo, pink goes so well with sacramento green living room walls. The accents of pink through the Freida Kahlo painting, velvet chair and rug add texture as well as chicness to this refreshing corner. While the house plants give it a bohemian vibe, the golden cart and décor pieces keep it modern and rich with details.

Whether you need to sip on a cocktail or simply read a book, this green living room corner can be the reviving escape you crave.

Pro tip: Add a tiny desk and this could turn into your exclusive work from home space!

Who knew playing around with shades of pink, orange and green could turn a space into a chirpy garden without the use of house plants? The key here, of course, being floral print. While the light green wall in this living room acts as the perfect backdrop to highlight

antique and artistic wall art and décor pieces, the couches and carpet feel like a flower bed on a summer afternoon.

A beautiful combination of velvet couches in orange and pink, coupled with wooden armchairs are brought to life by the floral cushion covers, carefully designed using the same shades in contrast. The carpet mirrors the floral vibe, feeling like a bed of bougainvillea.

Green Living Room Walls & Floral printed Carpet, Velvet couches in Orange & Pink - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Green Living Room Design Ideas With Dark Tone Green Sofa & Pink, Golden Décor Pieces - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, H&M

We love how simple yet elegant this green minimalistic living room is. Shaped like the edge of a pizza slice, this green couch is stacked with cushions in various prints and shades of green, adding a little something to the otherwise monotonal green living room. While the granite centre tables flow with the theme, golden décor pieces spark the set-up with style.

The lit candles add a tune of romance and softness to this green living room. If painting your walls down in dark shades is not your style, this is a space you can take cues from.

You can never go wrong with pastel walls. Bring the outdoorsy vibes indoor with house plants in huge mud hued pots and add a touch of modern sophistication with furniture in

solid white to support the retro design. The hero of this green living room is, without a doubt, the grey stool that seems to have come straight out of a pottery experiment.

The naked bulb pendant lamp is a great piece to add to the openness of this green living room. If you dream of living in a farmhouse but you’re stuck in the city, you can style your living room like this to create a beautiful illusion.

Pastel Green Living Room With a Grey Stool & a Naked Bulb Pendant Lamp - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Eden Locke

Green Living Room With Earthy Tones & Golden Accents, Brown Couch & Velvet Green Ottoman - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Devon Janse Van Rensburg- Unsplash

This green living room is an example of a carefully designed space that exudes richness and comfort all at once. A simple play of two earthy colours — green and brown — with golden accents might just be the recipe to design an indoor space that connects to nature, without falling into the bohemian trap. While the floor is left unsaturated, the bold green walls match with the throw and velvet ottoman and add elegance to this green living room. The brown couch, resonating with the wall art and wooden centre table, balance the green’s sophistication with some rawness.

House plants are great to add some natural energy while gold — undoubtedly — is the best partner for anything in green.

Now let’s talk about one of the most loved interior design themes in India — Modern ethnicity. The carpet creates a rusty artistic base for this otherwise polished green living room. While the green walls coupled with wooden furniture and house plants follow the basics of styling an indoor space with a touch of nature, the vintage images and art pieces spread across the wall, add a touch of ethnicity.

Hero of the space must be the Freida Kahlo cushion from AA living — jives on with the mood, making us pay attention to and appreciate the details of this lively masterpiece of a space.

Green Living Room Walls With Wooden Furniture, Plants & Vintage Art Pieces & Freida Kahlo Cushion - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Madhurjya Saikia

Green Living Room With Bold Shades Of Blue & Green, Touches Of Golden Metal On Lamp & Wall Art - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu-shutterstock

Last but not the least, the king of royal colour marriages is navy blue and sacramento green. While playing with two shades as strong as these two, it is crucial to keep some boundaries. While the front view is dominated by shades of green by house plants and green vases, the bottom view has more of royal blue touch given by the velvet couch, ottoman and rug. The painting is what makes the difference here, being the only décor piece that closely mixes both the shades in this green living room.

Not to forget, the touches of golden metal on the pendant lamp, side tables as well as the cushion, is the cherry on top for almost every green living room.


While classic blue might be the colour of the year, shades of green never fail to bring a living room to life. Which one do you lean towards most?

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