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5 ways to go about living room lighting

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Good lighting is as important for your living room design as the furniture you decorate it with. Read on for a few tips

The living room serves multiple purposes, from being a space to entertain guests and spending family time to doubling-up as a television room or workspace. Use multiple sources of light at different levels; layered lighting allows one to control the ambience and mood.

1.    Light up
Ambient lights illuminate the entire space, like a central hanging fixture. Task lights are bright lights directed towards a specific task like a table lamp used in a reading corner. Accent lights are used to highlight interesting objects or architectural features, like recessed lights in cabinets or lights throwing soft glow on artwork.

2.    Placement and size
Fix lights at different levels – high on the ceiling, mid-level on upper part of the walls, and low-level like table lamps.  A central hanging fixture can anchor the room; it should be low enough to feel like part of the room but not overpower the area.

3.    Mix and match
Consider mixing old and new styles for an eclectic look. Bold, unique sconces pair well with streamlined table lamps while soft recessed lights balance out a feature chandelier. Keep in mind the size of the room before investing in large lamps, chandeliers or wall fixtures.

4.    How many is too many?
Layered lighting can add an interesting dimension to your living room but don’t go overboard, especially with pot and pendant lamps. Place pot lights in the corners of the room; these should never be your only source of lighting. If you want to use multiple pendant lamps, stick to simple designs.

5.    Natural light
Keep your windows free of clutter and furniture to make optimum use of natural light. Consider placing a mirror or polished surface in a way that natural light bounces off it and reflects into the room.

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