Essentials for a small living room


We show you how to efficiently utilise space when decorating a small living room

For smaller living rooms, walls in neutral colours and sleek, contemporary lines are your best options. Slowly work in textures, prints highlights and pockets of colour to personalise this family space.

Forget big couches and overstuffed armchairs. Opt for a sleek two-seater sofa, padded bench or slim L-shaped sofa that fits neatly into a corner (see our story). Place two compact, armless lounge chairs in a contrasting colour if you need more seating.

Go in for layered fixtures that throw light at different heights. Choose a low hanging drop light or floor lamp for specific zones, spotlights on the ceiling or wall sconces for ambient illumination and accent lights to accentuate details.

Consider an open shelving system like etageres; taller, skinny units draw the eye upward. A light wood finish or brass-and-glass unit add drama without overpowering the space. Floating shelves with in-built recessed lights can also form a wonderful focal point.

A streamlined centre table can also provide hidden storage; look at options like a simple wooden chest or large ottoman with storage. Consider nesting tables as side tables to give you added flat surfaces when needed.

Window dressings and soft furnishings
Soft flowing curtains are your best bet. Place the curtain rod closer to the ceiling – this gives the illusion of a bigger space. Use throw cushions to add colour and place a small rug in the centre of the seating arrangement. Leave the rest of the floor bare to make the room look bigger.   

Highlights and accents
Hang simple framed artwork or photographs for a gallery wall or place a large framed mirror to reflects natural light. This opens-up a room, making it look brighter.


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