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Easy tips for a Christmas ready living room

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Get the festive cheer in your living room with our easy to follow Christmas decoration guide

The festive season is upon us again and honestly, we’ll use any excuse to redecorate our homes. Whether you are looking for a big change that spills over to the next year or some seasonal tweaks to your living room, just follow our quick tips.

·      The best way to spruce up the living room design is with a fresh coat of paint. If you had the room sanded and painted within the last two
       years, a quick DIY coat is sufficient. See our story The Living Room Wall Design Paint Guide.

·      Create a feature wall with wallpaper or fabric.

·      Change the colour scheme by reupholstering furniture or investing in new furnishings like curtains, carpets or throw pillows.

·      Purchase metallic décor accents. These work well year-round and suit Christmas décor as well. Try giving gold accessories a spin in
       your living room. Read our article on how to incorporate them in the house here.

·      Rearranging furniture can give your space a whole new look.

·      For your festive party, arrange seating into groups and bring out those bedroom ottomans to accommodate extra guests. A buffet
       layout works well for a dinner party. See our story on how to seat more, unexpected guests

·      Add a few traditional Christmas decorations like centrepieces with candles, garlands and pine cones or flower arrangements with
       Red Poinsettias and Holly.

·      An artificial Christmas tree decorated with baubles and fairy lights is a must. See our story 5 cool Christmas Tree decoration ideas.

·      A portable table-top fireplace is a wonderful addition.

·      Decorate your front door, console and windows with wreaths and garlands.

·      Use scent diffusers, potpourri or scented candles for that Yuletide vibe. Apple Cinnamon, Pinewood and Orange Vanilla are great
       seasonal scents.

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