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Decorating ideas for a small living room


Give your small living room a grand look with these nifty decorating ideas

Working with small spaces, especially a living room, can be an interesting challenge. Don’t let it stop you from making the space look good and feel comfortable. Here are seven easy decoration guidelines to help you achieve this:
1)    Colour codes
Don’t play safe with colours. Use light and dark shades of the same colour on alternate walls or try an ombre effect where the darker tones are closer to the floor and get lighter towards the ceiling.
2)    First impressions
Steer away from complicated visuals. Create a welcoming entrance and keep it clutter free so guests don’t feel cramped as soon as they enter.
3)    Furniture
Big couches and overstuffed chairs may be tempting, but sometimes simplicity is a boon. Invest in a slim but comfortable padded bench with hidden storage or low seating such as floor cushions to create a cosy space. Skinny and tall bookshelves draw the eye upward and become a focal point in the room.
4)    Furnishings
Add several throw pillows and bolsters on the bench and small cushions with funky prints to enliven simple furniture. Soft, flowing curtains add movement while making the room seem light and airy.
5)    Flooring
Ditch wall-to-wall carpeting. Some eye catching textured rugs in bold colours can be laid out in the centre of the room, leaving the rest of the floor bare for the illusion of a larger room.
6)    Play with height
Think vertical instead of horizontal. Small paintings, framed photographs or even potted plants placed at different elevations points on the walls keep things interesting. Space them out to avoid a busy wall.
7)    Light it up
Invest in a smart, dimmable sculptural light fixture so you can change the mood of the room by adjusting its intensity. A quirky chandelier, even if miniature, can become a conversation piece. Fairy lights in arresting arrangements are an inexpensive way to light the room differently for each occasion.


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