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9 amazing skylight designs to add oodles of drama to your living rooms

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A skylight can completely transform the look of a living room while adding depth and natural light to the space. Also known as rooflights, they can help with ventilation especially useful in windowless areas. Skylights can also help turn an awkward area like an attic into a wonderful, well-lit lounge room. Before getting a skylight, figure out what you want most from it – natural light, architectural detailing, adding ceiling height, ventilation, etc. Read on for the different types of skylights and design ideas to elevate your living room décor.


1.    Fixed skylights
As the name suggests, these skylights are fixed and cannot be opened for breeze or ventilation. They are sealed well to keep out water and debris but allow natural light to flood the space. Fixed skylights are a great way to open up a dimly lit living room or any dull space in your home.

Pro tip: It is advisable to get motorised blinds for your skylights, especially for those times when it gets too hot. 

Install fixed skylights in your living room for plenty natural light in your home interior space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ryan christodoulou/ Unsplash

Add window to your roof for a perfect vented skylight in your living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, adpePhoto/ shutterstock.com

2.    Vented skylights
Vented skylights are basically the addition of a window on your roof. These come with motorised systems and can open in different ways – top hung, bottom hung, side hung, pivot, sliding, etc. – to further the circulation of air within the room.

Pro tip: Vented rooflights are perfect for areas that get too damp or have no windows like the family room in this image. 

3.    Pyramid skylight
Pyramid skylights are typically mounted on curbs (an additional framework) on flat roofs. They have a square or rectangular base and project upwards to form a pyramid shape. The glass panels meet at a hip. They come in a variety of slope options. If the opening is rectangular in shape, the corresponding skylight is called a hip ridge skylight. These kinds of skylights add architectural details to a space. They also draw the eye upward and make the ceiling appear higher thus opening up the room even more.

Pro tip: Consider getting solar control glazing which repels heat but allows light to enter, for added energy efficiency. 

Beautiful pyramid skylight for a spacious living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

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Ridge skylights bring in natural light & sky views from your living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, pics721/ shutterstock.com

4.    Ridge skylight
Ridge skylights are those where the skylight continues in the same plane as the roof pitch. These roof skylights are two-pitched and placed to straddle the peak of the roof. Essentially, these skylights follow the slopes and ridge of the roof and open up the top to natural light and sky views in different directions.

Pro tip: If you want, these rooflights can span almost the entire length of the room.  

5.    Double-height ceilings with skylights
In living rooms with double height ceilings, as seen here, rooflights are a great way to add architectural detailing to what could otherwise be a vast expanse of blank wall. In this living room, there are layers of natural light filtering in through both the rooflights and the windows.

Pro tip: Rooflights placed like this also opens up the higher floor and landing to external views and natural light that would be otherwise cut off. 

Modern double height ceiling with skylight for the perfect living room interior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Claire Rendall/ Unsplash

Unique customized skylight in a grid pattern for living room decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

6.    Custom design skylight
Skylights can add interesting architectural elements and layers to a space. In this image, the grid pattern that alternates with the ceiling makes for a very interesting visual, almost like a chessboard. The fixed panes allow to natural light to enter while the grid pattern creates a unique play of light and shadow in the space.

Pro tip: The design has been amped up by adding hanging lights to the grid. 

7.    Flat skylight
The design of a flat skylight allows it to easily and seamlessly align with your flat roof. It’s a great way to bring in natural light. The minimal framework and design lends itself well to a modern or contemporary aesthetic.

Pro tip: While a deck mounted skylight which sits flush with the roof might give a seamless, modern feel, consider going with a curb-mounted option as this type of installation helps prevent leaks. 

Modern flat skylight that aligns with the roof of your modern living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, alexandre zveiger/ shutterstock.com

Chic false ceiling design around the skylight for modern living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Isaac Quesada/ Unsplash

8.    False ceiling with skylights
A unique architectural element sets this living room apart. A false ceiling has been constructed around a sloping roof and skylights have been added above the false ceiling to bring in light. Sunlight streams through at an angle instead of directly from above.

Pro tip: Cove lighting around the false ceiling add another visual layer.

9.    Glass roof living room
Here, instead of multiple skylights, this glass enclosed lounge area is an extension of the home protruding and opening on to the terrace. It’s a great idea for those living in top-storey or terrace apartments where skylights are not possible. However, make sure it is temperature controlled as it will tend to get very hot during the day.

Pro tip: Consider additions like gas filling between the layers of glass which help with insulation or different types of coatings and glazing that block UV rays and even reduce noise.

Glass roof as skylight in living rooms extended for terrace apartments - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

If the idea of having skylights in your home is interesting, you should consult trusted professionals to help with the best design and materials. The Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints consists of a team of experts who will direct and guide you to crafting the home of your dreams.

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