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8 living room trends we can’t wait to see in 2022

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It’s often said that the home décor is a reflection of the homeowner. This reflection of style and taste is best shown in the living room design where living room décor items, furniture pieces, light fixtures, and colour palette holds unique sentiment to the homeowner. It is also a space where you can create a focal point to proudly portray your most precious assets to impress and amaze the visitors. Needless to mention, a lot of planning and thought goes into your modern living room design ideas. Since this is the first and likely the only area in your house that is up for a display, it must be orderly and beautifully designed. You can choose such living room interiors that make it feel cosy, and elegant. You can choose trending living room décor to make it extravagant or minimalist. It can be a rustic or modern living room as per your preferences.

The wide array of choices for living room trends 2022 makes it challenging to narrow it down. Thus, in this blog, we shall discuss some excellent and trending living room décor ideas so you can pick what suits your sensibilities best. Don’t hesitate from mixing and matching the living room interiors for eclectic living room décor. During a makeover, your living room is possibly the only space where you can play around and find your personal style. Without any delay, let’s  dive into living room ideas 2022.

1.    Plenty of Natural Elements

The calm we sense when we’re attached to nature is immeasurable. Gazing at green fields, mountains, and lush green forests can lessen the stress levels and make us feel peaceful. It’s only rational that we’d want to have that same feeling when we come home from a long, exhausting day at work. Adding nature-themed, organic elements creates a pleasant space while bringing a dash of nature into your living room. Select these elements carefully to create a refined, nature-themed living room suited to your preferences.

●    Add elements inspired by nature for the ultimate organic and Designer living room furniture:

As per living room furniture trends 2022, furniture with natural motifs is so in because it’s another amazing way to make your living room more related to nature. Sofas, Chairs, coffee tables, and bookshelves in the forms of different animals and trees are very much in trend and they’re certain to transform your living room into a nature-inspired oasis. A few attributes with nature motifs can transform your entire space.

●    Bring Wooden Elements:

When we talk about natural setups and materials, wood is often the primary thought. What better way to make your living room more natural and cosy than by bringing carefully crafted wooden elements. As per living room 2022 trends, wooden furniture gives a feel of warmth, of cosiness, and is also very long-lasting and durable. If you desire to create a rustic feel, you can have your living room furniture made of wood. A wooden coffee table is also an excellent way to integrate wood into your interior or even add a few wooden stools next to your bar. For an aesthetic glam look opt for polished wooden finishes.

Wooden furniture & natural elements for your living room trends for 2022 - Beautiful Homes

2.    Textured Fabrics for living room

The texture is an important part of any room. Every space needs to have a diverse range of different materials to give it movement. Bringing various textures can add major intrigue to a monochromatic space. The texture is important, particularly when you are designing with a neutral palette and lack of colour.

Wallpaper is an excellent means of feeding texture to any living room. With the number of trending wallpaper for living rooms, new and latest styles being released every day, there are styles, designs and textures to please almost any taste. Marble, wood, geometric and other pattern effects have given a living room wallpaper a new life, and the added feature of more user-friendly self-adhesive options has made it even more popular.

3.    Sustainably minded décor

How does it work to be more sustainable as you outfit a new home or refresh your current one? Thankfully, there are living room 2022 trends making it so much easier to decorate your home in an eco-minded way than ever before. Decorating with antiques and pieces made from reclaimed materials is your best bet for finding accessible ways to make an environmental impact. Investing in timeless, quality pieces as per latest colour trends for living rooms, instead of chasing fast furniture or every trend that comes our way is a good option.

4.    DIY and upcycling

With altering times and trends, variants of the same item in various sizes, colours, forms, and costs. Thanks to the booming market of e-commerce, how exactly can you succeed in owning many things that are one of a kind? One answer to this question will be – living room ideas 2022: DIY and Upcycling. This is one of the easiest and most innovative ways to ace up your living décor collection.

●    Furniture items, particularly chairs and tables, are not easily thrown away. It is time to upcycle the furniture and make it good as new. Get rid of old nails and brush off dust before applying gloss paint to them. You can go with colours like aqua, orange, and yellow. Next, add comfortable cushioning to it. You have your new accent chair ready which does not burn your pockets too.

●    One can easily get bored with their cups and coffee mugs if they are being used for a long time. However, instead of discarding them, you can use them to create scented teacup candles. Order your favourite fragrance such as lemongrass, mint, or aqua along with some wax. Carefully melt the wax and add the fragrance of your choice to the cups. You will have multiple candles in pretty teacups that can be positioned on centre tables, side tables, and dining tables.

Statement lighting & sustainable décor trending in 2022 for living room design - Beautiful Homes

5.    Statement lighting

One of the latest living room trends is simple statement lighting. Simple designs can usually be the most striking in a modern living room, so go all out on dramatic patterns and unusual fixtures. Arc floor lights, with their refined silhouettes and bulbous shades, are a classic and they are an excellent stand-in for overhead lights.You can also invest in a standout chandelier or statement pendant light.

6.    Black Accents

Bringing black accents to a décor scheme is a trick professional interior designers use for impact. You don't need much to produce a dramatic result – but it can ground a room and tie a scheme together gracefully. It can also create a quirky look when used in repetition or on a pale background.

When used against a crisp, white, panelled background, black art, furniture and art objects offer an injection of contemporary glamour and refinery. Sleek tables and chairs, along with the oversized artwork or a console, in the room can lift a space, A glowy, sheeny finish brings a modern glamorous look. A complete 

Black accents & luxurious seating for your living room that is trending for 2022 - Beautiful Homes

black feature wall is also a bold, timeless yet trendy way to include accenting with black into your living room décor plan.

7.    Hues of green

Of all the best colours for the living room, green is possibly the most versatile. Whether a touch of emerald is what your preference is or mint is more your thing, the colour green is said to  promote feelings of balance, vibrancy and good fortune.

Let go of the traditional grey and earthy living room ideas – green and white are the most known living room trends  2022 and a colour combination like no other.  This striking duo inclines itself to leaf prints and botanical patterns. It will form a fresh, natural look to suit every space from classic, country to modern. As a rule of thumb, cool-leaning greens and yellow-toned greens like lime, fern, jade and emerald work perfectly when used with a white trending wallpaper for the living room.

8.    Living Room Bars

When we talk about creating or designing a functional modern home that is perfect in every sense, the popular living room trend is to line up a cool home bar, they actually seem like an excellent upgrade to a pipe dream. A Living room bar can be kept for convenience when entertaining visitors. As it shares the space with the formal living room, it feels more like a built-in and not a traditional bar. One can also customise elements like cabinetry that has a hidden mini-fridge, television and a gaming console.

Living room bar & house plants to add greenery that is trending for living room décor in 2022

Dress up your Living room with Beautiful Homes

Whether you are moving to a new home, renovating your current one, or even just considering either one of these ideas, it’s important to have a professional by your side. If you’re looking for living room trends 2022, you’ve come to the right place. With proper planning, and expert help from our professional team at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can transform your living room into a stylish and inviting space. Reach out to us to decorate your living room and get started!

From the right furnishings and fabrics in diverse colours to a variety of sofa trends 2022, wall decoration items for living room that dress up your space—find what you’re looking for, to get your living room design just right.

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