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Victorian kitchens for the 21st century

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For a walk through history that ends up into royal comfort, Victorian kitchens happen to be a unique choice of design for your space of culinary creativity. Victorian kitchens are different from modern ones in terms of the setting of cabinets and tables. While in modern kitchens, you’d find that every piece is fixed to the walls, ground or ceiling, most furniture in Victorian kitchens is freestanding and movable. Apart from technicalities like such, Victorian kitchens exhibit geometric design frames on every piece of furniture.

To help you decide whether a Victorian kitchen is the right choice for you and where to get started planning one, let us take you through some of our favourite Victorian kitchen design ideas! 

If there’s one colour palette that you can never go wrong with, for a Victorian kitchen, it’s any pastel shade of your choosing. The Victorian kitchen in this picture is a clever amalgamation of pastel blues, whites and light wood. While every inch of this kitchen is sleek and marshmallow-like, the white brick wall adds a little bit of texture for an authentic old-school vibe.

Image courtesy, Sleek

Image courtesy, Aster Cucine

Ever thought nudes could work so well in a kitchen before seeing this Victorian kitchen design? While many different materials were used to create this Victorian kitchen, the colours are similar, giving it a composite monochromatic design. The ceramics and glassware enhance the space and lifestyle – calm and elegant. Our favourite piece, without a doubt, is the chandelier that is more than perfect for this fairy-tale Victorian kitchen.

An amazing - and fairly common feature in almost any Victorian kitchen – is the ability to woo not only new guests, but also the family anew every day during meals. The eccentric art pieces add creativity and excite the imagination in this Victorian kitchen, while the pastel blue cabinets and wallpaper keep the ambient neat and chic, keeping this Victorian kitchen versatile and fresh. The neat look is ensured by the many cabinets, that offer plenty of storage space to keep the kitchen minimal and clutter-free.

ADND - Patni residence

Image courtesy, ADND

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Image courtesy, Sleek

Maybe it’s the little half-window curtains, or the glass cabinet for crockery, or maybe even the light blue brick walls and wooden accents, but this Victorian kitchen is enchanting in its beauty. We can’t imagine how surreal must it be to walk into this kitchen every day: a perfect little doll-house kitchen! Let’s not forget how the ceramics match the colour palette of the whole Victorian kitchen and add to its aesthetic appeal.

This Victorian kitchen is ideal for large or joint families, since it provides the space for multiple feet and simultaneous culinary preparations. While all the cabinets are in white, the light-yellow walls and dark glassy floor add some much-needed contrast to the space. A traditional wooden table seems like the perfect addition to this Victorian kitchen design, for dining as well as pre-cooking necessities.

Image courtesy, Beckermann

Image courtesy, Africa Studio/ Shutterstock.com

A pastel Victorian kitchen can also suggest a very refreshing tropical vibe, especially with open shelves and a wooden slab. We love how the oven was fitted right under the induction, and we can’t keep our eyes off of the glass and ceramic crockery in pastel hues, that seem to simultaneously blend in and stand out. The house plants get the main credit for giving off that tropical vibe we all could get behind.

Which Victorian kitchen would you go for?

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