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Urban kitchen designs for a modern home

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The best thing about kitchen design is how it continues to evolve overtime, just like your recipes. Simpler. Quicker. Instagrammable.

However, while Victorian and farmhouse kitchen designs have a lot of admirers, urban kitchen design is still a new trend destined to become widespread in no-time. Being the space that one cooks in every single day, the number one preference when planning one’s kitchen seems to be the “sleek and refreshing” vibe, that an urban design approach can embody very well.

Here are some of our most delightful urban kitchen design ideas for you to draw inspiration from.

Long gone are the days when kitchens were an enclosed room in your house! The best of urban kitchen designs is an explosion of openness for families that don’t consider cooking to be a chore, but rather a fun activity to share: too many cooks DO NOT spoil the dish!

The best part about this open urban kitchen is that it’s right next to the garden. Imagine a family Sunday brunch in such a place : what a dream!

Open-space urban kitchen design in a peach colour next to the garden

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Charcoal-coloured urban kitchen design with white walls and light wooden floor, pendant lamps

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Raw and rusty, yet sleek - if this sounds like your favourite fusion design, the kitchen displayed in the image above is the right for you to take style cues from. While the wall and floor are in light-coloured tiles and wood, the cabinets mainly play with matte black and grey aiming for that “factory look”. Pendant lamps being the hero in this urban kitchen design, while wood accents add some rustiness to the overall feel: we love it.

If there’s any shade that defines retro kitchen designs, it’ has to be mint green. Coupled with gold accents - you get a refreshing modern space that you could admire for hours! The innovation is in the flooring, where the patterned pastel hues complement the beige walls. Mixing a bit of light wood through the door and cabinets is a surprise, and a pleasant one at that! Staying true to this urban kitchen design’s theme, even the jars and cake stand are retro in style.

Mint green retro-chic urban kitchen with gold accents, patterned floor with pastels, wooden door and cabinets

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

A modern urban kitchen with vintage dining area, wide windows and wooden floor

Image courtesy, Plusch

By now you must have cracked the code for designing a unique urban kitchen: fusions! Mixing and matching different areas is what urban kitchen design is all about. That is why in this particular urban kitchen we have a sleek monochrome area with steel accents, while the dining area reminds us of our grandmama’s cosy home: such a oomph factor! Not only does this urban kitchen bring in a pop of refreshing hues, but it is also certainly not lacking soul.

Notice how some vases on the rack match the colour of chairs? This is the kind of attention to details we love. 

Kitchen and dining areas don’t need not be separated. This neat wooden urban kitchen design along with a marble dining table is an urban kitchen we all could fall in love with. While everything in here is fairly simple, the blue velvet chairs and house plants add a pop of colour that levels up the stylish-factor in this urban kitchen design.

Neat wooden urban kitchen design with marble dining table and a few house plants

Image courtesy, ADND

Urban kitchen design resembling a craft studio, cabinet in teal and white with island in light wood

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

A refreshing fusion of wood, bricks and vibrant colours, this urban kitchen design almost feels like a craft studio that would get your creativity flowing. After all, cooking is an artform too.

While the side cabinets showcase a tasteful mixture of teal and white colours, the kitchen island in the middle is topped with light wood, granting the eye more variety that looks stunning as a whole. This urban kitchen design is perfect to draw inspiration from, when you’re aiming for a mismatched design approach.

Gloomy and cosy - two words not often seen together but that best define the vibe of this urban kitchen design. While the cabinets and floor look like a monsoon cloud, the wooden furniture adds that hint of homely and cosy aura to this space. If grey is your go-to colour, this urban kitchen must be just what you’ve been looking for.

Missing a little vibrancy? The pastel crockery and books subtly take care of that.

Urban kitchen in monsoon-like grey, wooden furniture and colourful accessories

Image courtesy, AT Design Studio

Urban kitchen design is not yet very common but it surely is a trend that’s here to stay. Which urban kitchen did you like the most?

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