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Trending modular designs for small kitchens

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In the past decade or so, no other room of the modern house has seen as much innovation and invention as the kitchen. With competitive pricing and easy installation, it is hard to beat the convenience of a modular kitchen. For smaller homes, a modular kitchen design can truly maximise the potential of a compact space. From highly compartmentalised drawers and cupboards that fit every nook and crevice to multi-tasking countertops and more, a modular kitchen design can suit kitchens of all shapes, sizes and forms.

To inspire your next kitchen renovation, we’ve compiled the very best of trendy new modular kitchens that are small in size but big on style: 

A white and bright small modular kitchen design for the style conscious

While an all-white kitchen requires audacity, the results can be a chic space to truly inspire your everyday kitchen rituals. A near-perfect Parisian dream, we especially love this L-shaped small kitchen that is designed around a window. Every bit of the simple small kitchen is utilised not just to maximise storage but to also provide a countertop to enjoy everything from a freshly brewed morning cuppa to a hearty home-cooked meal. Ceiling to floor cabinetry in this trendy modular kitchen design for small kitchen means there is space for built-in appliances, everyday cooking essentials, prized collections of crockery that can be safely stashed on higher cabinets and even those nifty, design-forward gadgets 

All white L-shaped modular kitchen design for small kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Michaela Komi/ Shutterstock.com

and tools that seemed so essential when you bought them but are now hardly used.


For a café-style look and feel, opt for an extended kitchen countertop and pair it with trendy chairs, some plants and statement light fixtures. For the full-on bistro or restaurant experience at home, you’ll also find playlists on YouTube or your favourite music app that pair songs with everyday ambient sounds of chatter. Coffee breaks and tea time will never be the same again.

Small kitchen designs with monochrome colour palette & high gloss cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nest

Monochromatic small modular kitchen designs for minimalists

Granted, darker shades can make a small space seem even tighter, there is nothing like a monochrome colour palette to make a statement. In Indian kitchens, you have the added advantage of using black or darker shades to prevent staining from everyday cooking. These days modular kitchen designs come in a variety of shades and finishes and while high-gloss cabinets and metallic tones continue to dominate the landscape, a matte finish is a sure-fire small kitchen idea to achieving quiet sophistication.


Gone are the days when kitchen accessories, tools and gadgets were made in stainless steel and silver, you can match your 

monochromatic modular kitchen design for small kitchen with all-black appliances (everything from kettles and ovens to refrigerators), hobs and stoves in stylish designs as well as taps and faucets in matte black.

A rustic small kitchen interior design

In small homes, the principle of less is more even applies to kitchens. When space is in short supply and budgets are tight, an industrial chic approach to modular small kitchen interior design can help. Opt for bare building materials such as concrete and exposed structural elements over more decorative styles in simple small kitchen designs. Instead of splurging on expensive backsplashes, decorative tiles and marble countertops, commit to materials like simple black granite for the counter and build shelves, both inside kitchen cupboards and on display, in materials like concrete to save costs. What you save on the inside can be used to invest in beautiful, classic styles of simple small modular kitchen designs that will stand the test of time.


You can never go wrong by pairing exposed concrete or plaster with solid wood. While wood in darker shades of walnut and cherry can be used to create a rustic small kitchen, light wood finishes will lead to modern and minimalist modular kitchen designs.

Small kitchen design with rustic countertop, backsplash & cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nest

Small modular kitchen luxe interiors with luxury faucets & designer pendant lights - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Small modular kitchen designs that use luxe materials

In the last decade or so, modular kitchens have seen almost continuous innovation – take for instance, smart systems that allow soft and self-closing hinges or materials like Corian that can be moulded in any shape you desire. A small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on luxury. Whether it’s through a marble backsplash or designer tiles, a trendy simple small modular kitchen designs can seriously up your home’s glam quotient. Complete the look with luxury faucets and designer ceiling lamps.


Corian kitchen tops by DuPont are a serious game changer, they come in elegant patterns that look exactly like marble countertops but they are as strong as materials like steel and are stain-resistant because of their non-porous nature.

Metallic finishes for trendy small modular kitchen interior design

If you find yourself in a serious space crunch but still want to make a style statement with your modular kitchen design, work with materials like metallic laminates. Highly reflective materials also open up a small space. In this seriously compact small kitchen, a mix of pull-out drawers, cupboards and niches are used to make space for all the kitchen essentials.


 In super small kitchens, make use of all the wall storage you can squeeze out of the space. Sleek rails, hooks, suspensions, magnetic knife racks, and foldable shelves can hold everything from small pots and pans to spice bottles and vegetable net bags.

Highly reflective metallic small modular kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, lOCOOl/ Shutterstock.com

Decorate your small modular kitchen with kitchen décor accessories - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, lights4fun

Personalise small modular kitchen designs with accessories

Sometimes there is no escaping the fact that a simple modular kitchen design is best suited to small spaces. In such instances, a smart solution to extend your personal style to a small kitchen is by making room for display shelves, niches and glass cabinets that can be accessorised with smart and stylish knick-knacks and decorations. Colourful wall art, wooden frames, quirky crockery, baskets of all shapes and sizes and colourful kitchen gadgets are not just a quick way to give your kitchen a makeover but also the most inexpensive way to do so. Even transparent glass bottles and jars to store spices and other everyday essentials or practical things like soap dispensers in bright shades can infuse colour into the kitchen.


 When you are short on space but still want to bring a bit of the natural world into your small kitchen, opt for small pots to grow your own mini herb garden or microgreens.

Pop coloured modular kitchen designs for small kitchen

Not for the faint of heart, our final inspiration for a trendy modular kitchen design for a small home is through the use of bold colours. It is a well-known fact that colour has a serious effect on our mood. A bright happy colour can sunshine yellow or a happy-go-lucky shade of green can uplift spirits and brighten the dullest of days. If you do commit to bright colours in a small kitchen, you will be richly rewarded with a one-of-a-kind kitchen.


If you choose bright colours for cabinets in a modular kitchen, make sure everything else from the walls to the backsplashes and countertops are in subdued, neutral colours or colours that perfectly compliment them. For contrast or to bring in more pops of colour, we love the small kitchen idea of investing in kitchen utensils like pots and pans or appliances like kettles and toasters in pop colours.

Bold green colour palette in small modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Habitat

Are you looking for interior design expertise for your own kitchen? Try the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints for the latest in modular kitchen designs. With a panel of expert designers and a dedicated project manager always close at hand on each step of the way, you can look forward to a fuss-free solution for finding the best designs in any room in the house.

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