Planning for a small kitchen


Dealing with a small kitchen isn’t as hard as it seems to be. Work with our easy tips to maximise your kitchen space

Organising a kitchen in a small space is rather simple but it comes with a rule of thumb. Give away items that you don’t use regularly – this will help you use storage space and manage kitchenware smartly.

Open up the kitchen

Get rid of the door and open the kitchen to the dining/living area. Create a breakfast counter with high chairs (not bulky ones). On the kitchen side, below the countertop, plan open shelves and neatly stack tableware, glassware and flatware. If you have children or if you just want to avoid accidental breakage, pick a range of wooden plates, contemporary copper mugs and glasses and cutlery to match.

Mirrored backsplashes

It’s common knowledge that mirrors give a space the illusion of being twice as big. And although smaller kitchens will need a lot of cabinets for storage; you can still use mirrors to create a sense of spaciousness by adding them as backsplashes. Plus, they are easy to clean.

Maximise storage

Create a pantry to stock supplies at the end of the kitchen, farthest from the cooktop, and use smaller containers on multilevel racks to store everyday items like spices, condiments and even pulses and grains closer by. The fact that you’ll use small containers will cleverly play on the proportion of the space. Plan triangular shelves around the corners for cooking utensils like ladles, knife blocks, etc, here and hooks for chopping boards and kitchen towels.

Tuck away appliances and utensils

Keep your kitchen utensils in cabinets closer to the ground and easily accessible from the cooktop. Modern homes cannot do without appliances such as the microwave, electrical kettle, coffee maker, toaster and oven. But keeping them on countertops can make the kitchen look disorderly and take up too much space. The solution is to conceal them in a pantry-style cabinet with doors that open upwards. Ensure each has an individual plug point. This will ensure that your kitchen looks uncluttered and, in turn, seem larger than it is.


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