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Organise your spice rack

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Keep your spices in order with our easy organising tips

The struggle to keep the spices from mixing and mingling is real. Nothing is more frustrating than finding traces of turmeric in the chilli powder, or worse, grains of mustard in between a heap of cumin. While we have blamed quite a few culinary failures on it, we do know that it holds little weight. However, what we do know is that an organized spice rack is the first step towards an enjoyable cooking experience.

Here are our tips to keep things in the modern kitchen mess-free:

1.    First and foremost, do away with opaque jars. Half the spillage and the accompanying frustration comes from having to open a 
       dozen different boxes for the right spice as the hot oil sputters away.

2.    Opt for transparent or semi-transparent bottles or jars, which at the first glance itself tell you what’s inside.

3.    If your space allows it, then have separate sets for whole and grounded spices.

4.    If you can’t get transparent jars, then use labels to name them. You can use chalkboard style labels for a distinctive look.

5.    Always keep the spice jars easily accessible – on a shelf or in a drawer.

6.    If space is a constraint you can even get yourself tin cans with magnets at the bottom, and stick these to the chimney, right above 
       your hobb.

7.    Keep separate mini spoons for each of your spices so you don’t end up using one for the other thereby contaminating them.

8.    You can even recycle tin tea containers or the used herbs’ containers since they have pre-set openings that allow you to control the 
       amount of spice you want to add.

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