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Nifty storage ideas for the kitchen

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Never run out of storage space in your kitchen with these clever, nifty hacks

One common mistake to make when planning the kitchen design is to not account for adequate storage. Another thing that needs attention is the ease of accessibility. You can have enough storage, but if everything is kept in places where it’s difficult to reach, it completely defeats the purpose. Here are a few ideas to help you arrange your cooking space better:

1.    Sliding storage
Sometimes, the arrangement of the fridge, storage cabinets and counters could result in an empty vertical space where it would be impractical to build drawers. In such a case, a thin sliding unit can be built to hold small jars, packets of chips and biscuits, condiment bottles, etc.

2.    Utilise the backsplash
Your backsplash can do more than just adding kitchen colour. Convert the tiled space into storage too. Replace hooks with magnet bars to hold up knives, forks and spoons. Utilise the space over the sink too, by building a sturdy dish rack that doubles up as storage and a space to keep them to dry.

3.    Use the space under the sink
You can build a drawer under the sink too, even if it’s a built-in one. Don’t worry about water dripping into the drawer, make one which goes around the bottom of the sink, leaving the centre hollow. This space can be used to store cleaning supplies.

4.    Make use of corners
L-shaped kitchens can lead to unseemly corners that can be difficult to utilise. In this case, wire mesh pullout drawers can come in handy. Opt for ones that can accommodate two sets of drawers in one cabinet. Triangular and floating shelves are also great options for increasing storage in awkward corners.

5.    Vertical storage
Keep in mind that you will need to access things in these cupboards often, so build them in such a way that you won’t have to bend several times. So, build drawers on the lower level and shelves in the higher reaches.

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