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Guide to pick the right kitchen cabinet and drawer handles

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Kitchen designs are unique to every home. While we try to give our home a semblance of how we style our kitchens, using the right accessories also plays an important role. Elevate the functionality of your kitchen and make them user-friendly by using a few trendy and intelligent kitchen cabinet designs. From different styles of drawer handles to trolley designs, showcase designs that have the potential to be a showstopper of your beautiful home. 


Kitchen handles, also known as cabinet handles or cabinet pulls, add an aesthetic value to your modern kitchen design. They come in different shapes and sizes, but how you use them will depend on the type of kitchen you are designing. Whether it is silver knobs or matte finish sleek, long handles, exclusive profile handle kitchen drawers, there is something for everyone.

You can break down your kitchen handle style into contemporary, transitional, or traditional.

1.    Traditional kitchen handles:

Using a drop handle on your drawers will make your kitchen look elegant if you have a traditional kitchen design. You can also choose a knob style of a knob cup cabinet handle to accentuate your kitchens’ look. Your kitchen cabinet handles not only complement your cabinets, but also add personality to your kitchen. 

Traditional drop & knob style kitchen handle design for the cabinets & drawers in this kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Bronze kitchen pull out handles for modular kitchen cabinets - Beautiful Homes

2.    Transitional kitchen handles:

It is between a traditional and contemporary kitchen design. For example, using a curved or wavy kitchen pullout handle style will transform the look of your cabinets and drawers. You can, alternatively, use a mix of traditional designs infused with a straight bronze, black, or silver handle to complement your cabinets. A transitional kitchen looks chic with upbeat kitchen drawer handles that infuse an aesthetic value to the overall kitchen design. 

3.    Contemporary kitchen handles:

A minimalist kitchen design with more earthy and nude colours with a pop of colour can transform your home décor. You can use a recessed lip or C-handles on top or bottom of any kitchen cabinet. You can also add a tinge of luxe with gorgeous profile handle kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you can also use long straight handles to make your modular kitchen handles design stand out.

Long straight drawer handles for the kitchen cabinets & drawer pulls - Beautiful Homes



Pull out kitchen drawer handles for the base cabinets & drawers - Beautiful Homes

1.    Pull out kitchen handles:

 These are elegant and straightforward drawer handles that come in different shapes and sizes. They are designed with clean lines and a smooth finish to complement the look of a contemporary and transitional kitchen. A pull out kitchen trolley handle design adds a sense of calm and helps you utilize your kitchen space better.

A few different types of modern kitchen handles and drawer pulls include:
●      Center pullout
●      Bar pull out
●      Flat sided pullout
●      D pullout
●      3-inch rubbed bronze pull out
●      Rounded centre to centre bar pull

2.    Knobs for kitchen handles:

 Small and elegant with a hint of uniqueness, knob cabinet handles add an aesthetic appeal to your modern and contemporary kitchen cabinet handle design. They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually fixed in the centre of the drawers and cabinets, except in tall kitchen units.

Since they come in different colours, they can be a good fit for transitional and traditional kitchens.

A few different knob kitchen handle designs include:
●      Curved satin nickel flat knob
●      Square twist T knob

Knobs for modern kitchen drawer & cabinet handles - Beautiful Homes

●      Antique brass round knob
●      Matte finish solid square knob
●      Crosshatch knob
●      Clear glass knob
●      Marble and nickel bullet-shaped knob
●      Mushroom cabinet knobs

Most bronze and antique finish knobs are better-suited for traditional kitchen designs with beaded cabinets and drawers. Your modular kitchen cabinet design is left incomplete without perfectly chosen knobs or kitchen drawer handles that complete your design.

Edge profile modular kitchen handle design for drawer & cabinet handles - Beautiful Homes

3.    Edge profile kitchen handles:

 Ergonomically designed for a better grip, a contemporary collection of sleekness and elegance, edge profile handles add style and panache to your kitchen. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are lightweight, durable, anti-tarnish and rust proof most of the time, making them ideal for all kitchens with heavy cooking. Today, they have become a popular choice amongst modern kitchen designers and fit in smoothly.

A few different types of edge profile kitchen handles include:
●      Card file flat edge profile with a slight pull
●      C-shape channel cabinet and drawer edge profile
●      Swift L-shaped edge profile
●      Flat and broad edge with a firm grip

4.    Stainless steel kitchen cabinet and drawer handles:

 Despite different designs, shapes, materials and colours, stainless steel is one of the most preferred materials for most kitchens today. They are durable, rustproof, easy-to-maintain, mostly lightweight and readily available in shops near you.

SS304 is one of the most popular stainless steel grade cabinet handles. Besides this, you also have 202, 201, 205, 217 and others that are partially rustproof but may need to be changed after a while.

Stainless steel can be moulded in several shapes and designs, giving you an option to get the design that suits your modern, minimalist, traditional or transitional kitchen. 

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet & drawer handles for your modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Small modular kitchen with long straight drawer & cabinet handles - Beautiful Homes

5.    Customised kitchen handles:

 Our choices and preferences change with changing times, leading to different expectations and styles. As a result, customised modern kitchen handles have gained momentum recently, allowing you to design unique and one-of-a-kind knobs and handles to match your preferences. Whether it is classic kitchen drawer handles or complementary kitchen door handles, every home has a different space or dimension that is best utilized with the help of seasoned decorators and stylists.

You can customise the dimensions, measurements, embellishments, material, style, finish and carvings. But, of course, each custom-made kitchen door handle can differ in price too.

You can choose to customise any material, such as:
●      Polish Brass
●      Bronze
●      Nickel
●      Stainless steel
●      Marble
●      Silver
●      Gold

Accentuate your customised modular kitchen handles by adding a hint of wood or colourful patterns and see your kitchen come alive.

6. Mix & Match kitchen handles:

Mix and matching your modern kitchen cabinet handles is another exciting way to style your kitchen cabinets. It is usually recommended to use pulls for higher up cabinets or the top loft and knobs for lower cabinets or the base kitchen cabinets. Base drawers that usually slide are usually fitted with a pull drawer handle.

We advise you to use the same colour combination and material. So look for pulls and knobs with the same colour, style or design to maintain uniformity in your kitchen.

Mix & match of different drawer handles & cabinet handles for the kitchen - Beautiful Homes



If you are new to purchasing kitchen cabinet handles or are planning to revamp your modular kitchen, it is better to keep the following tips in mind before proceeding.

●      Match your kitchen design with the kind of kitchen drawer handles or pullouts.

●      Use the same material across your kitchen cabinets to maintain uniformity and increase its visual appeal.

●      Double-check the stainless steel (SS) durability before investing in SS kitchen cupboard handles.

●      If you are designing a contemporary modular kitchen, you may want to invest in muted and matte finish stainless steel or nickel kitchen
        cabinet handles and pulls.

●      If you are designing a traditional-looking modular kitchen, we recommend using polished brass knobs, drop-down handles, or crescent-
        shaped pulls to give it a rustic look.

●      Use cabinet pulls that are functional, especially if you have older people or people with slightly bigger fingers. They might not be able to
         hold small knobs well. Similarly, you may need to pay attention to the kitchen door handles to ensure they are not too small nor too big and
         complements your kitchen design perfectly well.

●      Pre-determine the size of the knobs or pulls depending on the size of drawers- small, medium or large. Large drawers may require two pulls
        or knobs to maintain a balance.


Your kitchen is your personal space that needs to emote the language of your heart. Asian Paints Beautiful Homes helps you design tailor-made modular kitchens with a choice between various cabinet handles and drawer pulls. With a team of skilled kitchen designers, we help you visualise your kitchen with the help of 2D drawings, specifications, and 3D models.

You can book your 3D video consultation call with our home stylists and get a first look and feel of how your dream kitchen will look like. We also offer complete home décor with stylish accessories, automated home solutions and trendy furniture and furnishings.

You can also walk into any showrooms in Amritsar, Jaipur, Raipur, Tumakuru, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Kochi, Karur, Bengaluru and Nashik to check out the latest designs. In addition, we are in the process of opening showrooms in other cities.


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