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Kitchen sinks popular in India and how to choose the perfect one

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The functionality of a kitchen is based on a few key elements, one obviously vital one being the kitchen sink. So, while you may not realise the importance, this feature requires quite a bit of planning and thought. When trying to decide what kitchen sink design would work best for you, keep in mind how much space you can allot, the size of the remaining countertop as well as how much under counter storage needs to be sacrificed to accommodate the sink. Functionality is key here – a two-person household won’t need as big a kitchen sink as say a joint family or you might need a bigger sink if you like prepping and soaking ingredients in the sink itself. When it comes to interior design, kitchen sinks should never be an afterthought. Read on to find out different kitchen sink design based on types of basin and installation as well as the popular sink materials available in India. 

Types of basins
Our first classification is based on the kitchen sink basin or bowl design. 

Single basin sinks: These have only one bowl with no dividers, the size of which can vary according to your needs and space. Ideally suited for compact kitchens, limited counter space and smaller households, a single basin sink is also very easy to keep clean. While still possible, it is not the easiest option for multi-tasking. You will also need to make space on the counter to dry the dishes. There is no hard and fast rule about using a single basin sink in a large kitchen as well, if it suits your needs.

Modern kitchen sink designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, nantarpats/ shutterstock.com

Double basin kitchen sink ideas with each section having a drainage outlet - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, NavinTar/ shutterstock.com

Double basin sink: These are divided into two with each section having a drainage outlet. You can have a single, central faucet fixture or one for each as well. These kinds of sinks are very useful for multi-tasking when you want to wash or soak utensil on one side and use the other for rinsing and/or draining or to use one side for cooking prep work. Double basin units can be adjacent to each other or even at an angle to utilise a corner of the kitchen. They also come in various size configurations – two identical sized basins, one smaller than the other, one deeper than the other, etc. Keep in mind that at least one sink needs to be large enough to accommodate big pots and pans. These take up more space on the counter as well as under the counter storage, so these are better suited to larger kitchens.

Drip tray sinks: Both single or double basin kitchen sinks can also come with a drip tray or a drainage area attached to the sink unit. This area works well for drying dishes, draining vegetables and fruits, defrosting meats, and other cooking prep. While being an extremely practical feature, this design takes up more space on the countertop.

Single or double drip try kitchen sink designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ben bryant/ shutterstock.com

Types of installation
After choosing the size and basin type, the next step is to understand the different kinds of installations available.

Kitchen island double sink and black faucet against cooktop and tile backsplash

Image courtesy, Jason Finn/ shutterstock.com

Under-mount sink: With this type of installation, the kitchen sink is placed under the counter where the rim is recessed. There is a flow from countertop to sink which doesn’t allow dirt to collect in the crevices. This installation type might be more expensive as it might need additional support.

Top-mount sinks: Here, the rim or ridge of the sink is visible and fits on top of the counter as the sink rests in a hole cut on the countertop. As they don’t need any additional support, they are less expensive to install than under-mount sinks but are more difficult to keep clean. 

Top mount kitchen sink design which are less expensive to install - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ImageFlow/ shutterstock.com

Kitchen sink and marble countertop under sunny window. Home interior, contemporary design.

Image courtesy, Jorge Salcedo/ shutterstock.com

Apron front sinks: Also called farmhouse sinks, these are large, deep pieces where the front of the sink extends out slightly and is a visible feature. These can be either top or under-mounted are suit large, country-style kitchens perfectly though they are on the more expensive side.

Integrated sinks: Here, instead of a separate sink that is installed in a cavity, it is made from the same material as the counter, so it blends in seamlessly. This minimal, clean kitchen sink design works well in contemporary kitchens. The drawback of this style is that any damage requires major repairs rather than just replacing the sink.

foreground the integrated marble sink  and steel tap with dishes and vegetables on the work top

Image courtesy, adpePhoto/ shutterstock.com

Stainless steel kitchen sink which is sturdy, resistant to corrosion & budget friendly - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ImageFlow/ shutterstock.com

Popular sink materials in India
The most common material used to make kitchen sinks is stainless steel which is sturdy, resistant to corrosion and budget friendly. They also come in a variety of sizes, depths, and styles like corner sinks, single or double bowls and with drip trays. They are also very easy to keep clean. Equally popular are granite sinks. You can also consider other stones like marble and cultured marble, granite composites, quartz or black kadappa stone. These materials work well with integrated sink installations and can be crafted to any size and depth. Make sure the corners are joined well with sealant to avoid water seepage. This style also requires more maintenance and cleaning, especially around the edges. Sink styles like the Farmhouse sink are made from cast iron coated with a layer of 

porcelain enamel and come in a glossy finish. While they are fairly durable, you do need to avoid abrasive cleaners. Farmhouse sinks can also be made from fireclay ceramic which are more resistant to scratches and damage from abrasive cleaners.


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