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Kitchen design trends you cannot miss in 2022

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The kitchen is no longer just a functional space.When you spend so much time in one space, you want it to have a character of its own and even reflect your personality. More and more people are willing to invest in the design of the kitchen and its aesthetics. New kitchen designs in 2022 reflect this changing dynamic.

In this guide, we have curated all the trends in kitchen design in 2022. Consider it a one-stop-shop for kitchen design ideas. Read on to find out different ways to zhuzh up the design of the kitchen and kitchen décors.

1. Kitchen Design Trends 2022- Styles

●    Minimalist kitchens- Minimalist designs help you achieve a stress-free atmosphere by keeping the space clutter-free. In terms of design, soothing colors, cozy textures, and visual continuity help you keep the area calming. Integrated cooking area and appliances, soft-push, handleless drawers and cabinets and warm neutrals will be the cornerstone of this style.

●    Tech forward contemporary style, a combination of hi-tech and refined industrial styles, will be popular. Sharp lines, geometric shapes, and layered lighting are some of the more noticeable features of this aesthetic. The designs will employ a combination of materials, such as metal, stone, concrete, etc., neutral or toned 

Minimalist wooden U-shaped modular kitchen design trend - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

down hues.

●    Eclectic styles will also be highly visible. Many people are now choosing to make smaller changes rather than tearing everything down and starting from scratch. People will still look for modern solutions in terms of functionality, for example, modular kitchens. But in terms of aesthetics, adding character-driven pieces will be all the rage. Vintage cupboards as a pantry, art-deco inspired handles and pulls, statement light fixtures and french window designs for the kitchen are just some ways to do it. Tint stained wood cabinets will lend a boho look.

Glossy kitchen countertop is a popular kitchen design trend in 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

2. Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022- Countertops

Marble designs for kitchens are fast regaining popularity. You'll see it often used for countertops. The beauty of marble and other natural stones lies in strong veining and variegation. With the right finish, it is the most luxe appearing material.

Many now prefer matte finishes for kitchen countertops for their elegance and contemporary look. Thinner countertops will be favored over bulky ones to make the designs sleeker. Even for countertops, black will be a dominant color- either as a part of an all-black kitchen or just an accent piece.

3. Kitchen Trends 2022- Materials And Finishes

Incorporating nature-inspired elements in interior design is huge this year. We will therefore see heavy usage of natural materials such as wood and natural stones like marble, granite, etc., in the design of the kitchen. These materials are sought-after not only for their beauty but also because they are sustainable options. When cared for well, natural materials can last for decades. Additionally, they are not harmful since they do not release any toxic substances.

Experimentation with mixing material and finishes is to be expected. Matte finishes are being used to offset more reflective materials like metals, tiles, etc. Many people are moving away 

Nature inspired kitchen materials & finishes for 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

from the high-gloss of all stainless steel kitchens.

Tiles are another material that is making its mark in 2022 kitchen designs. Ceramics and porcelain tiles are excellent due to their low maintenance and longevity. Additionally, it offers many options in terms of color and patterns. Tiling can be used to install other materials such as wood, granite, etc. You could use it for backsplashes, a statement wall, flooring and window jambs.

4. Kitchen Design Trends 2022- Color

People seem to be moving away from all white and beige spaces. Pigmented and colorful kitchen ideas are making the rounds, and cabinets are the primary way to add some color in 2022. Here are some kitchen cabinet color trends for 2022.
●    All black matte kitchens with some accents seem to be highly sought-after.

●    Green is predicted to be the colour of the year in interiors. Deep hues such as emerald, pine, and forest will help create depth in the kitchen.
       Tints and tones like jade, mint, moss, etc., will allow you to make a playful vibe and at the same time keep the space light and airy.

●    The subtlety of earth tones will add much-needed pigment to the area without being loud or distracting.

●    Natural timbre is also gaining much favor. You may choose dark, mid-toned or light wood, depending on the overall style. Stains and polish
       will help you bring out the wood's natural grain.

●    Yellows are a fan favorite to make the kitchen more lively and breezy.

●    Blues are a classic choice for their versatility. Depending on the shade and the tone, it can be romantic, soothing, fresh, cozy or edgy. Pick a
       hue based on the vibe you want to create in the kitchen while adding a flair of personality to it.

5. Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022- Backsplash

Now more than ever, kitchen backsplashes have become integral design elements. Tiling, slabs and paint are a few ways to introduce interest through backsplashes.
●    In designs with a more seamless look, stone slabs such as marble, granite, quartz and so on will be sought-after.

●    For a more artisanal look, handcrafted Moroccan tiles are a great option. It'll work superbly in an eclectic and boho kitchen design.

●    In more minimalist designs, you can add patterns and textures with backsplashes. Dado tiles are a great way to add pops of color in a neutral

●    Subway tiles are sure to add character to any kitchen. Use it for all vertical tiling to add length to the wall or in a classic brick layout. You
       could even install it in the chevron pattern to make it more interesting.

●    For a more dramatic effect, opt for full-height backsplashes.

6. Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022- Cabinetry

●    A classic that continues to make its mark is shaker cabinetry.

●    Wooden cabinets are also quite popular. Some designs seek to highlight the natural timbre. Others may prefer tinted stain finishes to add
      some pigment to the kitchen interiors.

●    For a seamless and clutter-free look, many are now opting to do away with upper cabinetry altogether.

●    On the flip side, open shelves also seem to be gaining more traction. You can use them as storage and/or display mounts for decor such as
       plants, paintings, etc.

●    Mesh cabinetry is a new kitchen design in 2022 to watch out for.

7. Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022- Appliances

In terms of appliances, here are a few kitchen design ideas that are gaining momentum:
●    All integrated appliances

●    Faucets used as accent elements

●    Convenient yet concealed plugs and ports

●    Signature kitchen suite ranges offer multiple cooking options and will therefore be quite in demand.

●    Built-in coffee stations are also becoming quite popular to keep the counter space clear.

Multipurpose kitchen layout with L-Shaped & Parallel kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD

8. Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022- Multipurpose layouts

As we have seen, kitchens are now used in varied ways, especially as WFH has become permanent in many cases. To that extent, layouts that allow multi-functionality will be all the rage. Many will choose to add kitchen islands or dedicated workstations for that added space.

Open plans are becoming less common. To keep the areas in the home distinct, people are now choosing broken plans instead. Broken plans involve dividing the space without actually having to up the walls. Glass panels, pocket doors, and mesh partitions all help with zoning while keeping the area feeling airy and bright.

Kitchen islands also are a great way to break up long expanses in open plans. Creating nooks with different color schemes or styles also works well in creating zones.

9. Kitchen Trends 2022- Pantry

The kitchen pantry is a staple that isn't going anywhere. But based on the style of the kitchen and the space, we will see different solutions. In a more rustic, cottagecore themed kitchen, you might see an antique cupboard turned pantry situation. Pull-out drawers or a fully integrated cabinet unit could be used in more sleek, contemporary hi-tech designs. If there is enough space, people may opt for walk-in pantries, much like the butler's pantry.

10. Lighting in Modern Kitchen Design 2022

Lighting will be central in modern kitchen designs in 2022. The emphasis will be on layering. Since the kitchen is a diverse space, the requirement for illumination varies from area to area. Recessed lighting under wall cabinets makes great task lighting when cooking and prepping. Pendant lights or ceiling lights are a must over islands and dining spaces. Some general ambient lighting will keep the whole room well lit. Light fixtures are an excellent way to add metallic accents and statement pieces to the design.

11. Kitchen POP design

You can infuse some character into your kitchen design by incorporating some architectural elements in it. You can do so using POP. Here are some ideas to get you started:

●    An arched entrance with POP pillars

●    An intricate false ceiling design will work well in an eclectic or vintage inspired kitchen

●    Horizontal beams across the ceiling are the right fit for a rustic, farmhouse style kitchen

●    Some POP molding or trimmings can highlight the design of the cabinets.

●    A false wall with a carved Indian style arch makes for a stunning statement wall. Add some recessed lighting along its shape to highlight it.

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Spacious open kitchen design with kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

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