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Kitchen cabinet materials guide for your modular kitchen design

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The kitchen may be the heart of the home but the kitchen cabinetry is the star of the kitchen. Investing in high-quality cabinetry is an important part of developing a functional and visually appealing kitchen. Kitchen cabinet design and kitchen cupboards design should not only be eye-catching, but also durable, and it should improve the organization and efficiency of the kitchen.


Kitchen cabinets are specially built furniture in a kitchen that help keep the kitchen neat, organized and free from clutter. They provide kitchen storage space for utensils, cooking equipment, dinnerware and food supplies.

The layout and the number of cabinets a kitchen needs will depend on the size of the kitchen. Large kitchens will be able to hold cabinets with multiple storage options, and smaller kitchens due to lack of space may need designs that enhance functionality, by optimizing the limited space.


Kitchen cabinetry consists of different pieces that are brought together seamlessly to make your kitchen utilization efficient. Let’s take a look at the different types of cabinets that are used in a kitchen cabinet design.

1.    Base kitchen cabinets

The base kitchen cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen cabinetry. They stand directly on the floor and support the countertop. The base kitchen cabinet design has to be versatile as they serve different storage functions.

White coloured base kitchen cabinets for modular kitchen cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

All white wall kitchen cabinets for your modular kitchen cupboard design - Beautiful Homes

2.    Wall kitchen cabinets

These cabinets are mounted on the wall. Unlike the base cabinets which are essential as they serve to hold the countertop, the wall cupboards are a choice. They help in making the kitchen more functional by offering more space for optimal storage. 

3.    Tall kitchen cupboards

These are mainly found in large modular kitchens that have ample space and are also called utility or pantry cabinets.  These tall cabinets can extend from the floor to the ceiling and may be divided into shelves. Tall kitchen cupboards designs can be used for bulk storage or they may also be engineered to fit kitchen built-in appliances like the oven or microwave.

Other optional modular kitchen cabinet choices include custom made drawers, sliding trays and shelves, corner units like the lazy Susan, trash pull-outs, oil and sauce pull-outs, vertical dividers, spice pull outs, and skirting drawers at the bottom of the base cabinet. Mixing and matching these different elements wisely will ensure that your modern kitchen cabinet design and kitchen cupboard designs are on point.

Tall kitchen cupboards for storage purpose for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes


There is a wide range of kitchen cabinet material available for kitchen cabinet design ideas from wood cabinet design to plywood kitchen cabinets. Let’s take a look at the best modular kitchen cabinets material.

1.    Wooden modular kitchen cabinets

Wood cupboard designs are one of the most popular choices for modular kitchen cabinets. It provides a warm ambience to the kitchen and is also a very sturdy material. Wooden cupboard designs look extremely elegant when crafted from Indian rosewood or sheesham, oak or balut, mahogany and teak. 

2.    PVC modular kitchen cabinets

PVC kitchen cabinets are easily one of the best materials for kitchen cabinets as they are easy on the pocket, easy to clean and maintain, and look good too. With PVC kitchen cabinets, you can have a lovely looking kitchen within your budget quite easily.

3.    Plywood modular kitchen cabinets

Plywood kitchen cabinets are quite common in most households' kitchens because they are cheap and hardy.  Plywood has been the most comfortable material option for modern kitchen cabinets.

4.    HDF and MDF modular kitchen cabinets

HDF and MDF are engineered woods that look good, have a smooth finish, and are not expensive. The wood usually needs a laminate or acrylic finish on top, which gives a great sense of style and personal touch for the varied options they provide. Thus making it the most sought after option for modular kitchen cabinets.

Know about Mdf vs Plywood for your kitchen cabinet material.

5.    Particle Board modular kitchen cabinets

Particle boards are cheaper versions of MDF and are not suitable modular kitchen cabinet materials as they don’t hold weight well and are not moisture-resistant. Particle board cupboards may be used in kitchens that have very light cooking. The advantage to particle board cupboards is that they are economical, eco-friendly and available in a variety of colours. 

6.    Stainless steel modular kitchen cabinets

Stainless steel has gained in popularity after the pandemic as the material of choice for modular kitchen cabinets because of its anti-fungal and microbial properties. Modular kitchen steel cabinets are also more durable, resistant to water and rust, and easy to clean. Modular kitchen steel cabinets are quite economical and with the great design options which are available it can give your kitchen a sleek and chic vibe.



Acrylic kitchen cabinet design for your modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

1.    Acrylic finish kitchen cabinets

Acrylic kitchen cabinets finishes can give your kitchen a glossy, opulent look. The main drawback to an acrylic kitchen cabinets finish is that smudges, dirt and stains are more visible and hence kitchen cabinets will need more maintenance.

2.    Laminate finish kitchen cabinets

Laminate is the most popular choice in cabinet finishes. They come in many colours and designs and you will be able to easily find a laminate finish that complements the rest of your kitchen beautifully. 

Laminate wood kitchen cabinet design for your modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Membrane finish kitchen cabinet & cupboard design for your modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

3.    Membrane finish kitchen cabinets

Membrane finish is a hard-wearing and an easy to clean cabinet finish which is not as expensive as acrylic. They come in a wide variety of colours that can enhance the look of your kitchen.

4.    PU finish kitchen cabinets

PU or polyurethane finishes, a mixture of resin and hardener, can give your kitchen a look of elegance, The PU is painted over the shutter and can be glossy or matte. 

PU finish kitchen cabinet & kitchen cupboard design for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Glass finish kitchen cabinet design for your modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

5.    Glass finish kitchen cabinets

Another lovely option for kitchen cupboards designs is to use glass shutters. They could be plain or frosted and can make your kitchen look light and airy. They are an excellent choice for small kitchens.

6.    Distressed finish kitchen cabinets

Distressed finishes are popular around the world and are slowly making their appearance in Indian households. They give the cabinets an aged appearance.

Modern distressed finish kitchen cabinet design for your modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Natural finish wooden kitchen cabinet designs for your modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

7.    Natural finish kitchen cabinets

Natural finishes are clear finishes that are painted over the wood so that the natural colour of the material below can be seen giving a raw and different feel.

8. Glazed finish kitchen cabinets

A glazed cabinet finish is created by using a semi-transparent colour over another finish, giving more depth and dimension. They are a trifle more expensive but are well worth the price. 

Glazed kitchen cupboard design for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes



A kitchen remodel may sound daunting but Beautiful Homes will make it easy for you with their amazing kitchen cabinet ideas. We will guide you through the latest material for kitchen cabinets that are available in the market to find the one that works for your modern kitchen cabinet design.

Our designer will work on kitchen cabinet ideas with your input. We have great kitchen cabinet design for small kitchens as well as for large ones. Our expert team will help you create a modern kitchen cabinet design that will work for your kitchen and your budget.

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