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Kitchen arch designs to inspire your next home-makeover

By Ela Das

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Have you ever walked into a beautiful home and notice—rather than its style and aesthetic —its finer elements? Some details have the power to immediately draw curiosity and render a dull space more unique. From rare heirloom décor pieces to unusual shades for your furnishings, interesting elements create their own story in any room.

However, the real treat goes beyond décor: a remarkable architectural detail that stands out from the usual, at the very heart of your home, elevates the space bringing your kitchen to a whole new level.

Whether we’re discussing large awe-inspiring maximalist details that immediately catch the eye or the most minute design only visible at a closer and expert look, every interesting architectural detail is always special.

These days, we have our heart set on the grand kitchen arch design.


Dating all the way back to the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamian, the brick arch design can be found across the globe in numerous cultures and surviving all ages until modern days. Probably the most famous arches were built by the Romans, mainly adopted for the structural sturdiness, allowing Romans to construct bigger buildings, longer roads and better aqueducts. The arch became the very first ancestor of modern architecture.

Nowadays, prominent arches are the perfect tourism-magnet all over the world: like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or the Rajasthani doorways in their opulent palaces with carved notches and skilled inlay work.

However, a kitchen arch design can serve several purposes, both structural and aesthetical. A kitchen arch design can act as a dramatic front door, a carved out in-built shelving unit or a cosy little breakfast nook frame. A kitchen arch can also be a stylish nod to the past, while also serving the practical purpose of connecting rooms in a charming and distinctive way.

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Be it a modern, contemporary designed home or an ancestral property with timeless style, an arch or archway works as a structural element in a building to span a gap while adding support to the walls and ceiling. In fact, the stress or load from the top of the wall or ceiling is borne by the top of the archway, which is then transferred and pushed downwards on its two sides, rendering the whole wall more stable.

If you have an open entry point into a kitchen, or have removed the door to create more space, consider softening the edges with a kitchen arch design. An arch can also be chosen as the perfect method to open up a wall to add more space to a room while also saving the beams and support on top: a wide archway prevents the overall area from looking too empty or unbalanced.



A sweeping arched passageway with smooth, clean edges not only adds charm and character to an otherwise plain space, but also elevates a room’s aesthetic impact creating a memorable architectural moment. This applies to any style you’d like to adopt in your home—including the most minimal of the minimalists.

In fact, in this minimalist kitchen, with an all-white palette and steel fittings giving it an industrial edge, a simple humble kitchen arch design adds a subtle punch and uniqueness to this well-designed space. Bearing no extra frills, intricacies or detailing, this white evenly plastered kitchen arch stands as a solemn architectural invitation to this impeccably designed room in a contemporary style.

INSIDER’S EYE: We couldn’t help but notice the slight texture on the white walls which betrays an extreme attention to detail: we love it!

Image courtesy, Alexandre zveiger/Shutterstock

Image courtesy, Romakoma/Shutterstock


We may not all be blessed with the architectural marvel of an open plan kitchen or a spacious one for that matter, but we can always improvise. A kitchen arch design serves as the epitome of improvisation.

In a kitchen wall that adjoins the next room—preferably the dining room—you can create a small opening within the structure to allow a visual entry point into the space. This arched niche not only creates more openness but also allows for meals to be served up to the family or guests still blazing hot right on its countertop.

PRO TIP: While it’s always interesting to push the envelope with structural changes or modifications, make sure that the wall that’s being altered is structurally sound and will still be able to support the ceiling after being redesigned. Always take the advice of a seasoned architect before doing any structural work in your home!


Archways are perfect to conceal visually unappealing elements that you can’t do without. If you’ve broken down a wall to increase the floorspace or are left with an exposed beam that isn’t quite what you wish for in your interior décor, a kitchen arch design comes in handy!

Oftentimes archways are made out of wood and could be built-in to structurally support the ceiling or what’s left of an altered wall. When plastered over with a clean finish, a kitchen arch design can easily echo the textural details of the rest of the space, turning your kitchen in a designer’s masterpiece!

Image courtesy, pics721/Shutterstock

INSIDER’S EYE: By showing off ever so slightly, this kitchen arch design adds a subtle yet appealing element to the room.

Image courtesy, Anthony Berenyi/Shutterstock


This is a clever idea fitting not only the kitchen, but any room in the house. If you have an entry point, where a door seems unnecessary and you’d like to removed it, you might be left with the frame of the door in the wall and not much more: an empty space with rough edges, not a pleasant look.

To avoid the odd look and uplift your décor, a kitchen arch design is the perfect solution. This will not only soften the sharp edges on the top corners, where the door once was, but also simultaneously classy-up any modern style.

INSIDER’S EYE: Small details can go a long way—add a skirting or moulding to the frame of the kitchen arch design to tie the entire look together. If you’re on a budget or not someone who likes too many fussy details, even the simplest moulding—without any intricacies—will do the trick!


Flaunt the entrance of your kitchen with an arch, this can be done also if you have an open entrance or even doors. For an open entry point, the archway will soften the edges with its curves, creating an inviting charm in the space. For doorways, an arched glass French-style double-door entrance will lend some muted drama to the room, while also allowing light in the space through the whole day. However, were you to wish for a more concealed kitchen, without obstructing the light, opt for frosted or translucent glass doors.

STYLE TIP: Elevate the interiors of your kitchen with small details that will pair well with or complement your kitchen arch. This custom-made mirror that hangs behind the cooking hob adds 

Image courtesy, Anthony Berenyi/Shutterstock

a sense of uniformity in the room while also tricking the eye to make the room seem larger than it is.

Image courtesy, Jodie Johnsoni/Shutterstock


A kitchen arch design beautifully frames the entrance of the kitchen, but it can also help create sections within a space and further entry points into other rooms. The arch in here, while not directly in the kitchen, adds just the right amount of visual separation to the dining room and keeps the conversation between the two spaces flow cohesively.

STYLE TIP: To create a sense of uniformity between both the rooms, a singular white palette has been used across the walls, tiles and kitchen arch to unite the two spaces together.


If your personal style doesn’t work well with elements that are too matchy-matchy or symmetric to the point of perfection, you can mix up the geometric details in a room by pairing the kitchen arch design with similar openings in other geometric shapes. The kitchen arch serves as an entry and exit point for food to go in and out of the kitchen, while the square-shaped wall openings to the side of it act as visual elements that lend ventilation and light to the space.

STYLE TIP: When working with a mix of shapes, keep the wall colour neutral with minimal texture or prints, as it can take away the attention from the geometric designed cut-outs.

Image courtesy, Aleksei Lazukov/Shutterstock

Image courtesy, Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock


This grand kitchen arch design creates a unique niche that leads into the dining room, matching perfectly its charming décor. Moving away from a traditional curved arched doorway, this Moroccan-inspired arch immediately transports you into a Moroccan landscape.

STYLE TIP: Echo the style element of your archway style with the décor and furnishings around it. If you’re going for a theme based on a particular culturally-charged style, try weaving into the room also other elements, like souvenirs or ethnic pieces from your selected region.

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