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How to use colour in the kitchen

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Drop the neutral palette and breathe life into your kitchen with bright pops of colour

Whether it is to grab a cup of coffee in the morning or a quick bite in the middle of the night, the kitchen is one place visited by every family member. It is clearly a much-loved and used space, so why bring it down with dull colours?

Follow these tips to bring in bright kitchen colour ideas for a vibrant kitchen:

1.    Backsplash

This is one zone that can either become an eyesore or the centre of attention. You can choose tiles in vivid colours and bold patterns. In fact, you can even try a mosaic tile application here.

2.    Counter

Counters bear a lot of wear and tear. Line the surface with slip-resistant coating that can be changed every few months subject to the damage it sustains. Pick a pleasant shade that shows up spills and crumbs to be cleaned up.

3.    Racks and shelves

Line these too with the same slip-resistant coating to get a matching look or find a contrasting shade for some fun colour play. Use glitter print or solid matte coloured washi tape on the edges to add some visual texture.

4.    Appliances

Let your boring white or stainless steel kitchen equipment stand out with bold decals to make them look more appealing.

5.    Utensils & serving options

A single, canary yellow cake stand can become a conversation starter. Trays and cutting boards with pretty motifs act as statement pieces when hung from racks. Soup ladles or silicone spatulas in a gamut of colours will also do the trick.

6.    Stencils, posters, chalkboards

Decorate the walls with stencilled drawings of flowers or food-related imagery. The chalkboard with grocery lists and family chores can be written on with colourful chalks.

7.    House plants

Succulents and herbs growing in small, colourful containers will add cheer to your kitchen. Place them out of the way on small shelves and keep rotating and watering them regularly so they look plump and healthy.

8.    Napkins, oven mittens and runners

Find the brightest prints available and hang them on hooks on the walls. Layer simple, old school, red and white checked tablecloths with placemats in eye-catching solids.

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