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How to plan for extra storage in the kitchen


Take advantage of every nook and cranny in your kitchen with our tips on maximizing storage

Within a limited space, even the perfectly arranged kitchen can get cluttered easily. Several storage solutions are readily available to help keep everything organised without cramping the area. When buying, look at options that are similar in material, colour or theme so they don’t clash with the décor of the kitchen.

Drawers and cabinets

The best way to optimise drawer space, especially for cutlery, is to use adjustable drawer dividers. Pull out shelves are a great way to utilise awkward spaces and corners. Invest in plate racks for your crockery cabinets so you can stack multiple plates vertically. Use wicker or wire baskets to store items you don’t use regularly above cabinets.  


These can be used quite effectively with the help of triangular or narrow shelves. They are perfect for storing cups that otherwise take up unnecessary cabinet space. Consider placing a cup stand, knife block or cutlery holder here. You can also invest in multi-level wire racks to store non-perishable items. 

Small spaces

Gaps between appliances can be put to good use. Look out for multi-level plastic racks with pull out shelves; these can be found in widths as narrow as 4 inches. They are perfect for storing spice bottles, sauces and condiments.  

Walls and doors

A set of interesting wall hooks or pegboards add to the charm of a kitchen and can be used for hanging ladles, knives, lids, etc. An empty wall is also perfect for a vertical wine rack. Make use of the refrigerator door with a magnetic holder for kitchen towel rolls, knife strips or spice jars.


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