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How to personalise your kitchen


If you dread stepping into your kitchen, read our tips on creating a personalised cooking space that you will love spending time in

The kitchen is one place in the home that we normally associate with the daily grind. The routine of daily meals, the heat from the stove, and smell of spices cooking can make most of us avoid the kitchen as much as possible. To change your relationship with your kitchen interior, we have some handy tips that can help make it feel more personal and inviting.

Create a noticeboard corner in your kitchen with chalkboard or a pinboard
Nothing spells personal like a noticeboard in your kitchen where recipes and notes can be left for members of the family. You can create a chalkboard section in your kitchen or just put up a noticeboard that serves the same function.  

Use potted plants on the window sill
Potted plants work very well in the kitchen and if you have an aspiring green thumb, try growing herbs. They are readily available at your local nursery. 

Create a pegboard to access your most frequently used utensils
This is a handy DIY idea that you can create with the help of a few hooks and a pegboard sheet (easily available in your local hardware store)
It helps with keeping utensils that you use the most at easy distance for regular usage.

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Invest in a backsplash
A backsplash is a relatively small investment to make, but goes a long way towards creating a personal touch in the kitchen.

Put up prints on the walls
Food related art prints and typographic prints on the walls tell a nice story. Choose one that talks about your own relationship with food.

Create a personal nook
This tip is for those who have the space to accommodate a small table and chair in the kitchen. You can also create a bar counter space with a log of thin wood attached to the kitchen wall, to create an informal breakfast counter.  Cooking can be a thankless job and having a counter like this encourages other family members to mill around in the kitchen and participate in the cooking process.
Most people spend a lot of time and effort planning the décor of their home, but neglect to extend that attention to their kitchen, when it’s actually the heart of the home. Follow these cues to create a happy kitchen space that you will love to spend time in.

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