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8 ideas to design the perfect L-shaped modular kitchen

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Highly customizable, classy and convenient, L shaped kitchens have become increasingly popular among modern home owners. These kitchens utilise space effectively, are practical to work in and surprisingly easy to maintain. While functionality is important, your kitchen should be a space where you actually enjoy spending time cooking. The tips in this blog will add stunning dimensions to your vision of the perfect kitchen for your home. Let’s go through them now!


One term you will come across very often when looking to design your kitchen is the “working triangle.” The working triangle is the area between your sink, stove and fridge, and is the space where you will spend most of your time in the kitchen.

The less you have to walk between these three “points,” the easier it will be for you to cook. This is where L shaped kitchens prove useful.

1.    An L shaped kitchen is shaped like the letter ‘L’ and has two legs (one smaller than the other) of base cabinets covered with a countertop.

2.    The longer leg usually lends itself to the stove, along with some working space, while the shorter one accommodates the sink and an
       appliance or two, including the fridge and/or the oven.

3.    An L shaped layout can seamlessly incorporate a modular kitchen design, offering ample storage space while giving you enough room to
       move around.

4.    Known for its flexibility, the L-shaped layout can fit into any kitchen size - small, medium and large - and any kitchen plan - closed and open.
       It is just as perfect for a studio apartment as it is for a large home.

5.    While your L-shaped kitchen can be designed differently based on how much space you have, it will still be ergonomic and effortless to



Before you scroll through a million modern kitchen design ideas and get confused, take note of your kitchen’s size and plan. Is it medium-sized and closed, or does it oversee your living room?

While an L shaped modern kitchen design is flexible, you need to know if your styling ideas are in keeping with the space restrictions. For example, having a peninsula counter or incorporating a dining table into your kitchen might be feasible if you have a lot of space. But if you live in a condo or a studio apartment, you will have to consider other design options for your modern kitchen design L shaped kitchen.


An L shaped kitchen design goes perfectly well with modular kitchen design ideas and lends itself to a multitude of colour scheme options:

1.    One of the most common ideas is using three different colours
       for your modern L shaped kitchen–for the countertop, cabinets
       and the wall. Two of these shades can be in contrast. For
       example, you can use grey for your cabinets and shelves,
       white for the countertop and a glossy pink for the wall against
       your stove.

Spacious L-shaped modular kitchen design with white & kitchen colours - Beautiful Homes

2.    You can also use a combination of two colours–a bold grey for the cabinets and the wall-sized cupboard marking the end of your kitchen, and
        white for the wall-cabinets. This design is more commonly seen in open-plan kitchens.

3.    The idea of an entirely white coloured modern L shaped kitchen is pristine. You can combine this with a sea blue or wooden kitchen
        splashback, or a beautifully patterned, tiled wall.

Maximalist l shaped kitchen design layout & interiors - Beautiful Homes


More often than not, you will end up using a fridge or a full-sized cabinet to mark the end of the L shaped layout in your kitchen. But if you want to utilise these two corners for say, storage or keeping the mess hidden from guests, you can break your L shaped layout into two separate counters.

Keep in mind what you want to do with your space, apart from cooking. Do you wish to entertain guests, use it as a working area, or dine there too? Choose your kitchen layout accordingly; but keep the working triangle in mind.


Just like with colour, there are several storage design options you can choose from for an L shaped kitchen design for Indian homes:

1.    While your countertop comes with an already-incorporated L shape kitchen cabinet design, do not hesitate from expanding your storage
       space by adding ceiling-to-floor cabinets, and a combination of open and closed shelving units.

2.    Utilise the cabinet and shelving space around your stove and the rest of your countertop differently, keeping in mind what you will need more
       often and how you want to access it.

3.    One way to create the sense of larger kitchen space is to paint the ceiling-to-floor and wall cabinets with the same colour as your dominant
       kitchen wall; making them disappear against the softer shades of the lower cabinetry.


Adding a kitchen island is a great way to increase your kitchen’s countertop space. Perfect for open floor plans and large kitchens, a kitchen island can be used to expand storage, and provides space for the ingredients or utensils you won’t be using while cooking.

When installed correctly, a kitchen island allows enough space for members to walk around it without disturbing the cook. It can also be combined with the dining area for better organisation.

When choosing the colour schemes and patterns for your kitchen island, make sure you match its countertop and cabinets with your L shape kitchen interior design. Also, placing a couple of chairs that match the splashback colours of your dominant wall, it will add a dash of vibrancy to the kitchen!


If you don’t have enough natural light sifting through your kitchen window, consider installing subtle LED lights to brighten up the space:

1.    Since L shaped kitchen layouts are designed to reflect light, a
       simple set of minimalist LEDs would be enough to highlight
       your working space. You can also use a glowing cut-through
       light beneath the high cabinets to spotlight your counter.

2.    You will often find using your open high cabinetry to showcase
       china or glassware, which, when highlighted using faint
       golden light, can give your kitchen a rich, classy vibe.

L shaped modular kitchen with task lighting & lighting fixtures - Beautiful Homes

3.    When sprucing up your kitchen’s lighting, don’t forget to consider your kitchen island and your dining area. Adding two or three pendant
        lights over it will really bring the space together.

L shaped modular kitchen with dining space on the kitchen counter - Beautiful Homes


If you’re not sure about having an island in your L shape kitchen and think it might disturb your workflow, consider using this countertop as a dining space instead. Consider this idea seriously if you have a large kitchen or an open concept floor.

This way, you can steer your cooking and kitchen chores into the L shaped space and give the island over to your friends and family for entertainment and socialising.

Again, the colour scheme of the dining space in your kitchen should match the countertop and cabinets of your L shape cabinet design and worktop design. The chairs, however, can be in contrast with these shades to make the area stand out.


When you’re living in a condo or a studio apartment, every inch counts. Use the corners above your modular kitchen design L shape to install open shelves for your oils and spices, or mugs and plates.

You can also fix a rail below the bottom shelf to hold the spoons, knives and ladles. This will work especially well when installed next to your sink or the stove.

L shaped modern modular kitchen with a sink in the corner & built-in appliances - Beautiful Homes

Hire professionals to design the L-shaped modular kitchen of your dreams - Beautiful Homes


At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. You simply need to let us know about the sort of kitchen design you are looking for, and we will assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want to create more storage space or align your kitchen with an open living area, the L shaped design will be able to meet your needs well.

Our approaches for L shape kitchen interior design come in a wide range. The designs are splendid yet functional enough to create a functional cooking environment and boost your culinary experience.

From the right furnishings and materials in diverse colours to a variety of storage options and accessories for your kitchen—find what you’re looking for, and get your simple kitchen design L shaped just right. Our Beautiful Homes Service Advantage includes:
1.    Interior design experts
2.    Personalised service
3.    State-of-the-art 3D visualisation
4.    End-to-end service
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