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Choosing the right faucet for your kitchen

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Don’t know what faucet to pick for your kitchen? Read through to find out which one will best suit your needs

It may be one of the most basic needs, but the right faucet can make tasks in the kitchen easier and quicker to get through. Here’s a quick guide on picking the right faucet wash basin design, based on the sink installed.

Single unit sink
The single sink is used in several ways – for piling dishes, washing food items and filling pots for cooking. An arced faucet, which gives you enough room to manage even with a pile of utensils in the sink, is the best choice. If you often fill large pots with water, opt for a high arced faucet (8-10 inches). In warmer climates, the one-handled option works well. But for those living in colder regions, having a two-levered one or a mixer faucet with hot water flow is better suited.

Double unit sink
When it comes to a side-by-side double sink, it’s imperative to choose a faucet that swivels around and comes with a pull-down hand spray. This ensures that both sinks can be serviced with just a single faucet, saving space and providing flexibility of usage. These are usually single levered for easier control.

Sink with vegetable tray
These come in either a double or triple unit and can be serviced by a combination of faucets. A mini, single levered faucet for the vegetable tray and a high arced one for the other(s). The hand spray version – pull-out or pull-down – is also a good choice. However, if you have room for just one, choose one with a flat lever, mountable on the sink or counter. The ideal option would be one that allows swivel movement to service the entire unit and comes with a hand spray option.

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