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5 mistakes to avoid while planning your kitchen

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Getting your kitchen renovated is no mean feat. Avoid these five mistakes when planning to get the kitchen of your dreams

Renovating your kitchen is a big project with a lot of variables to consider. It needs to be beautiful and functional, with a layout that enables you to save precious time every day. Here are the five key mistakes to avoid for achieving a practical and elegant kitchen design.

1.    Disregarding the kitchen triangle
The relation of the sink, hob and refrigerator typically resembles a triangle and is the area of most activity that requires careful planning and unobstructed access. If this kitchen triangle is too small, people will trip over each other; if it’s too large, it could make food preparation cumbersome.

2.    Inadequate counter space
One of the biggest complaints about kitchen design is the lack of counter space. All kitchen activities and appliances require a countertop. You can build horizontal shelves or a Tambour unit to store your appliances. The latter comes with a smooth-rolling shutter to hide the appliances when not in use.

3.    Choosing your appliances last
If your kitchen is getting a total makeover, choose your gadgets first. It's easier to plan cabinets to fit appliances like your ovens and dishwasher, rather than the other way around. Try and purchase appliances in the same finish and colour to bring in synergy.

4.    Poor lighting and ventilation
You can’t afford to have poor lighting here. It’s a matter of safety when it comes to handling sharp knives and other tools. Plus, the best kitchen design fades in the presence of odours. You don’t want last night’s fish lingering in the air, so good ventilation is essential.

5.    Not using professionals
This could quickly turn into a case of penny wise pound foolish. Kitchens usually don’t get remodelled for years, and designing one without professional help can waste money, time and energy. Professional designers have the expertise, latest ideas and information, so they can help identify your needs and translate them into an efficient plan that fits your taste and budget.

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