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10 modular kitchen designs that celebrate wood finish

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Times have changed, but one thing remains the same – we Indians love our food and kitchens remain the epicentre of the modern Indian home. We want our kitchen to be a space that’s beautifully functional, but that does not mean that we have to settle for clinically utilitarian finishes or a coldly bare aesthetic. This is why, with its relatively fast installation time, its excellent organisation solutions, smart space optimisation and focus on user convenience and comfort, the modular kitchen is the perfect fit for a modern lifestyle.

Modular kitchens come in a wide range of wood finish options and wooden accents. And whether you are ready to go all-out with wood-grain cabinets, or are just considering a wooden focus piece like an island countertop, or plan to keep it very low-key with wooden finished accessories, we have a few wood kitchen design ideas that might inspire your imagination.

#1 - The Minimalist Wooden Kitchen

If your kitchen’s footprint is small, it makes sense to keep your design scheme bright and uncomplicated. Commit to a lighter wood stain and match your wooden cabinets with white countertops, walls, and tiles for a light-filled and fresh space. To add plenty of reflected light in your small kitchen, wood design shelves can have inset LEDs that illuminate while staying discreet. And if you feel inclined, pick a bowl of fresh fruit, or a tall vase for focus and interest and finally choose some fresh plants to add softness.

#2 - Neutral Green & Wood Finish Kitchen

With modern, tech-heavy homes, it’s nice to bring a little of nature into our space. This is why shades of green have become an increasingly popular choice when thinking of wood kitchen design ideas. The combination of warm wood and soft greens is reminiscent of the outdoors and can make your kitchen a soothing harbour from the daily grind. Green is also the centre point of the colour wheel, which makes it uniquely suited to both warm and cool schemes – depending on the hue, shade and tone of green you prefer, your kitchen can be a warm and welcoming retreat or a bright, fresh place of rejuvenation.

#3 - A Dark Wood Theme Kitchen

For a touch of old world glamour in your modern apartment, pick a deeper toned wood stain that gives the look of natural grain and evokes the mood of hardwood cabinets and drawers. This style of wooden kitchen works beautifully in contrast to a lighter hardwood floor. Or give your kitchen a true retro aura and choose checkerboard tiles for the flooring. Black countertops and a tiled backsplash make a great complement to them both. An interesting pendant light fixture, or even a faux chandelier, will add the final touch of dazzle and make your kitchen truly elegant.

#4 - A Kitchen Island With Wooden Drawers

Wooden kitchen design with steel backsplash - Beautiful Homes

When usable wall space is limited, one of the most pleasing wooden kitchen ideas is to increase functionality and practical use with a compact, free-standing kitchen island. An island gives you a cheerful dining space, added counter space and provides extra storage for essentials. You can either pick a wooden countertop that utilises the same finish as the wood of your main kitchen, or match the counters across the whole and pick deep wooden drawers for smart space optimisation. With expertly-organised compartments, an island can give you the perfect storage space for mid sized appliances or even large but seldom used utensils such as baking trays.

#5 - The Peninsula Kitchen Design

Another way to upgrade your kitchen footprint, especially in an open plan or integrated kitchen-dining space, is to choose a kitchen peninsula. Similar to an island in terms of space advantages and additional counter area, a peninsula is attached to your kitchen cabinets and counters on one end and open at the other. This offers your kitchen huge space advantages both in terms of under counter storage and by eliminating the need for an extra dining table. In terms of simple wooden kitchen design solutions, a peninsula balances elegance and utility with minimal fuss. Pick trendy granite countertops, clever lighting and gleaming wood finishes, and you can luxuriate in ample prep space, smart storage and a stylish breakfast counter all at once.

White wooden cabinets with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

#6 - Single Wall Wooden Modular Kitchen

For any wood theme kitchen with a true space crunch, an attractive but practical design solution is the single wall layout, where all of the cabinets, counters, and work zones are arranged along one wall. Since the remaining three sides of the kitchen are open to the rest of the apartment living area, the rest of your décor has to match your small kitchen; wood design must be uncluttered and clean. Choose a discreet wood grain, clean low-profile cabinets, plain handles and sliding cabinet doors for a modern look. Or add a white tile backsplash and dark counters for a touch of friendly functionality. Remember that your counters and cabinets must complement the furniture and visual aesthetic of the rest of your home, so pick your wood tones to suit.

#7 - Mix And Match Wooden Cabinets

There is a timeless charm to a wood-on-wood kitchen that is hard to beat. And although this is one of those wooden kitchen ideas that never really goes out of style, it can also be an intimidating one to implement in your home. A true insider tip to making wood-on-wood work is to play within the same undertone and warmth and pair a lighter stain with a darker one. For example, pick a honey toned oak finish for upper cabinets and layer in a deeper walnut for under counter drawers. Keep your mixed wooden kitchen décor simple and unembellished – fresh greenery, copper or brass toned fixtures and blown glass lighting.

#8 - A Tone on Tone Wood Theme Kitchen

On the other end of the all-wood kitchen visual spectrum is the uniformity of the single tone wooden kitchen design. The aesthetic goal here is to keep the majority of the colours of your space within the same hue. Match the colour of the countertop stone and your floor tile with the wood finish you’re using. The overall effect is that of cohesion as this creates the illusion of the same material being used everywhere. Incorporate LED light panels within your counters and cabinets, alternating these between rows of wood to create a sense of modern unity.

#9 - Contrasting Wooden Drawers

All-white kitchen interior design with wooden floorboard - Beautiful Homes

Another way to play on the two-tone cabinet combo in your wooden modular kitchen is to pair a simple wood finish with bright pop colours. Contrast your wood grain under cabinets with bright teal and glass upper cupboards or warm orange drawers. By giving your kitchen an eye catching pop of colour, you create focus and add the illusion of space and light. This is one of the easier wood kitchen design ideas to put into practice as matching wood tone to a solid colour is a simple matter of matching undertones.

Wooden kitchen décor with abstract backsplash - Beautiful Homes

#10 - Reclaimed Wood Finish in Cool Tones

Today, rustic glamour is very on trend. And your wooden kitchen design theme is actually the perfect place to lean in. Pick a cool toned reclaimed wood finish for your cabinets and drawers, add chrome or gold toned fixtures and handles, and invest in a pretty gold framed pendant light for a touch of burnished lustre. With your “reclaimed” wooden kitchen, décor should tend toward the ornate and luxe. Decorative seating and plush cushions are the final touch for an opulent look that fits your space and your budget!

A key advantage to modular kitchens is the flexibility they bestow upon your architectural constraints. And we hope that these wooden kitchen ideas have inspired you to explore your options and whet your appetite for more. If you want to delve further into designing the best wooden modular kitchen for your home, we’re here to help!

Here at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, we partner with you to craft the home of your dreams – from making those first design decisions to delivering the ideal final outcome, we’re there for you, every step of the way! We even make it easier for you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles with our curated collection. So, if you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven, and live in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, now’s a good time to get in touch with our team.

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