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Vinithra Amarnathan’s apartment is a mix of modern and contemporary elements

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Greige walls envelop this light-filled apartment creating the perfect backdrop to let décor elements shine

When Vinithra Amarnathan, interior designer and Founder of Weespaces, moved to Bengaluru with her husband Subhasis from Los Angeles, she sold most of her furniture assuming that the spaces here would be small. “Big mistake,” she laughs as she draws the blinds to reveal a sizeable terrace. It is this part – a large living room, and an equally large terrace – that drew Vinithra to the space; somehow recreating the California they were missing.

A corner near the window has been filled up with a cosy armchair surrounded by planters.

The best part of the home, is reserved for the kids – a light-filled space awash with colours and a tent to boot.

The grey sofa llows the look of the space to change easily as it proves to be a neutral backdrop.

Much like how we envision our homes to shape up, Vinithra added pieces over the years, allowing her home to grow with her family, which now includes her six-year-old son, Neev, and her three and a half year old daughter, Nila. She painted the walls greige (our go-to colour for walls) to make a neutral backdrop for various décor elements in the home, including the tall planter at the end of the living room.

A good idea for most renters is what she has done with her bedroom furniture – thrifting pieces and giving them a new lease of life with a simple coat of polish. The best part of the home though, is reserved for the kids – a light-filled space awash with colours and a tent to boot. We love how each of the spaces are distinct, yet held together by the same warm feel, perhaps a result of the greige walls enveloping them.


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