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This nursery in Mumbai is a Pinterest board come to life


Light wood, pastel colours and lots of white—in part two of our tour of Prembhari Thakkar’s home in Juhu, we take a tour of the minimalist’s nursery for her daughter


Take a tour of a two-year-olds nursery in this Juhu bungalow

The nursery that Prembhari Thakkar wanted for her now two-year-old daughter Meera is nothing like the rest of her home. There is no primary colour in sight, only a small table and cot for furniture, and no Indian touches through artwork or accessories. “For her room we wanted the softest, lightest colours,” she says. Right in the middle of her home renovation, that frustrating point when all you want is the dust and noise to settle as soon as possible, Prembhari found out that she was pregnant. Her home had to now accommodate a new human. “Our house literally expanded for her. We had the floor space index (FSI) and added this nursery in the second floor next to our bedroom,” she says.

Designed by Rubel Dhuna Architects, the best thing about the space is the light that it receives through its picture windows. The pastel colours and light oak parquet wooden flooring add the softness that Prembhari was looking for. The furniture and windows are clean white and the walls are grey, to add some coziness to the room. The lawyer likes to dabble in watercolours in her free time, and when she was expecting Meera she made some paintings in soft colours that fit right into the décor of the nursery.

“We didn’t want the room to be overwhelming for a child in any way,” she says. So that also meant reducing the number of things that went in the room. Which was easy for the parents since they themselves try to be minimal in their consumption as far as possible. They ensured that their daughter also lives with few things by having very little storage in the nursery.

“Everything that she owns is out on display in the style of a Montessori playroom,” says Prembhari. This means she can see and reach everything she has in the room easily and all the furniture is built to a child’s scale. “There are no sharp edges. This is her safe space, where she can even spend time alone without us worrying.”


Pulkit Sehgal

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