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This home in Kolkata is everything the homeowners imagined

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The core of Sreejata Mitra’s design philosophy lies in understanding what drives the client’s interior design tastes and preferences. This is also what she did when it came to envisioning the design of this three-bedroom apartment of approximately 1,050 square feet in Kolkata, and along with her team, gave the homeowners a space that matched their expectation of a perfect home. Mitra, principal designer at Beautiful Homes Service, dives into how she created an apartment of warm colours, an inviting vibe, elegant interiors tailored to suit its inhabitants—and lots of storage for their books.

Beautiful Homes: What were the clients’ expectations for the design of their home?

Sreejata Mitra: Given that this three-bedroom apartment with an open kitchen design was the homeowners’ first big investment, they had spent a long time planning their dream home. We had the responsibility of giving shape to this vision. The main things they were keen on were designated spaces for indoor plants, window seating and lots of storage—open and close. All the family members love to read, so they needed their books to be well stored. They also didn’t want anything that would be too loud or make the space seem congested.

BH: How did you interpret the way they visualised the design for their house?

SM: Our decisions vis-à-vis the choices we made were based on two major considerations—give the clients the design they want within the budget they have. Within the predominant palette of grey, white and off-white, we played with colour across all the elements in the house, such as on the wall, the furnishings and in the laminate finishes for the furniture. Accents of light/dark brown can be seen in places, and bolder highlights were used in the kids’ room. Green is another shade that can be liberally seen, largely through the house plants dotting the space. In terms of materials, we mostly used laminate for the furniture, which was all custom-made. And a combination of wall lights and track lights have been used to highlight specific portions of the walls.

Open storage Tv unit design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

The open storage is part of the TV unit and also doubles as a display case.

BH: Can you elaborate a bit on the thought behind the design of the children’s room?

SM: The kids’ room—meant for a boy and a girl—had to be vibrant, so we used bold colour to break the overarching grey-and-white palette. They required separate spaces for their belongings as well as separate study tables. We created a room that could accommodate these elements while also leaving enough floor space for the kids to play; installing a bunk bed helped achieve that. We used open shelves for the toys and books and incorporated child-focused fun elements on one of the walls.

BH: What would you consider as some of the highlights of the space?

SM: The window panelling with indoor plants. And in the master bedroom, we created a cosy nook of a window seat between two wardrobes and installed a pair of wall lights, making this a great reading/relaxing spot.

BH: How do you define your approach to designing interiors?

SM: I always try to understand the emotional underpinning of a client’s design requirements when it comes to their homes. It helps me gain an insight into the things they value about the space they inhabit and find out their preferences, likes and dislikes. A house is a big investment and a matter of great pride, so space planning and interiors should be done according to the homeowners’ needs. The endeavour for me is to ensure these needs are met in an aesthetically beautiful way. As for my personal preferences, they run in the off-white, white and grey background colour palette, with lots of accessories and mood lighting!

BH: What has the client response/feedback been?

SM: They were extremely happy to see the way they envisioned their space was translated into the design and décor of the house.

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