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Siblings Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem’s shared home is an expression of who they are

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Favouring the unconventional is a running theme for critically acclaimed actor Huma Qureshi. It is relevant in the roles she chooses and how she expresses her “artistic” side in the design of her home. The breezy, sunlit Mumbai abode, which she shares with sibling and actor Saqib Saleem, is a representation of their two personalities—her creativity with his practicality, her ideas with his execution. The siblings’ decision to live together surprises people but it works for them. “We are away from home, from where we grew up, so we want to be together and be there for each other,” says Huma, “…that’s just how we are as people.”

The breezy, sunlit Mumbai abode, which Huma shares with sibling and actor Saqib Saleem, is a representation of their two personalities—her creativity with his practicality, her ideas with his execution. The siblings’ decision to live together surprises people but it works for them.

Saqib finds the meaning of home in the people he comes back to. “In Bombay, fortunately or unfortunately, when Huma is here, this is home,” he says. The siblings have moved into this house about three years ago, when Huma saw it and knew it was perfect for them. “I was quite happy with our apartment earlier. But when I walked in here and saw the terrace, I fell in love,” says Saqib.

Describing her taste as “arty”, Huma took the lead in planning the aesthetic of the space, crafting comfortable spaces and layering different styles, materials, and prints. “We like a lived-in look, distressed furniture and a lot of colour and texture,” says Huma. There is, however, always an anchoring element—a wallpapered accent wall forms the focal point in every room. With the other walls kept neutral, the floral prints and Mughal inspired motifs create a striking visual.

The living room design has some creative layering, from the floral printed Nilaya by Asian Paints wallpaper to the bright rug and colourful cushions, all balanced with couches in muted solids. Vintage-inspired side tables complement the distressed-finish 

Wallpaper by Nilaya for Asian Paints on a living room wall with colourful and distressed furniture

Another wallpaper by Nilaya by Asian Paints takes over the wall in the living room.

furniture while quirky curios and family photographs infuse the space with warmth and a sense of home. In the corner is what the duo calls “the heart of the home”, a wonderfully eclectic dining space for shared meals with family and friends. You can’t miss the mismatched chairs—rugged, vintage, wood, metal or colourful—lending a unique touch to the wooden table.

Quirky dining area with chairs of different styles and sizes and eclectic art pieces

One of the most interesting corners of the house is the dining area where no two chairs are the same.

Their favourite space in this home is the verdant terrace that anyone used to living in Mumbai apartments would treasure. Saqib has made the space his own, adding his beloved punching bag there to practice boxing every evening. Within the home, the siblings have also carved out personal spaces of their own. Huma is a voracious reader and has created a colourful library nook with a comfortable chair and a simple, streamlined bookcase. Saqib has taken over the den, with a deep brown L-shaped couch and a leather lounge chair there to make his movie-watching and PlayStation marathons comfortable.

Whether it is in the shared spaces or their individual alcoves, the siblings made sure that every area is homey and warm. “My idea 

of home is a place you come back to, a place where you connect with your family and share a meal…a place which is comfortable, in which you can just be yourself, and also express yourself. We want it to always remind us of our roots and who we are,” Huma smiles.

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