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Musician Prateek Kuhad’s studio offers interesting ideas for a work-from-home space

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If you had any notions of a musician’s home being a whimsical, interesting space but overlaid with the expected chaos resulting from a creatively preoccupied mind, you would be only half right. At least, in the case of singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad’s bachelor pad. His well-put-together albeit simply designed home does have a good dose of personal whimsy—but chaotic it is not. It is subtly designed and completely comfortable. Colour and aesthetics follow function and comfort and in Kuhad’s home, take the shape of art lining the walls. “My mom is a painter, an avid collector and runs an art gallery, so I grew up around a lot of art.” 

Everything in his house is there for a reason, with the end goal of comfort and function. It could be the desk in the living room where he settles down every morning before he does anything else. Or the L-shaped sofa that’s all about enabling a hard-to-kick habit—“I like lying down. A lot.” Then there are the strategically placed pencils and papers that feed directly into his sense of the practical, because you never know when inspiration might strike. “Music has been the only constant in my life, and my work is a very integral part of my life.”

Which brings into the spotlight his studio, which is well furnished, comfortable and a place where he spends most hours of his day. “There’s no fixed time when I will write or work on tracks.” Along 

Prateek Kuhad's living room has comfort & elegance with home décor elements - Beautiful Homes

Prateek Kuhad's elegantly designed bachelor pad balances out the comfort with understated decor elements.

with the tools of his trade, Kuhad’s home studio is also a place where he can just while away time. And that's how it has been designed. “It’s a very calming space.” Wondering how to get that sense of tranquillity in your home office? It’s easy to achieve with the right ingredients and mindset.

Home of India’s new age singer-songwriter is not at all a cold mess! Filled with vibrant colours and art hung on the walls, here's where Prateek Kuhad creates his magical melodies. While his music livens up the ambience, the aesthetical decor brings in warmth and comfort. Just as his music, his home is a treat of musical wonderland. A ride that surely goes up and beyond.

Chances are you will be spending a fair amount of time bent over your laptop working the hours away, so it’s a good idea to corner a spot that lets you get a glimpse of the outside world once in a while. Good breeze, decent light and some trees right outside the window will keep you engaged with your surroundings whenever you come up for air.

Your back, your neck, your entire physiology, in fact, has probably been put through the wringer as you slouch on the sofa or contort yourself into a comfortable spot during those Zoom calls to sit at just the right angle. While the sofa is a fine break from sitting at the desk, it will be a desk where you do most of your work. So invest in a good, lumbar-friendly seat that will take care of your back.

Prateek's home interiors have splashes of colour with decorative cushion covers & paintings - Beautiful Homes

Otherwise understated, the space has splashes of colour in the form of the artwork, decorative cushion covers and thoughtful accents that speak to Kuhad's passion, profession and interest.

A traditional piano set accessorized by home décor elements adds a chic side to the home design - Beautiful Homes

Accessories are a great way to add some character, whimsy and personality to your workspace. Right from interesting penholders or paper weights to posters or pictures, pick out the things that express your tastes.

Prateek Kuhad's home office decor with paintings reflects his interest in art - Beautiful Homes

Kuhad's interest in paintings can be traced to his mother, who is a painted, collector and runs an art gallery.

Kuhad, by dint of his profession, found guitars to pepper his space. It may be that the idea of the elements that are symbolic of your profession—papers, more papers or files, box files, spiral files—do not appeal as decor accents. You can liven up the room with things you do love. Some quirky knick-knacks if that’s your thing or interesting posters, family photos or artworks about your workspace will make it seem like a space where you’d actually enjoy retreating to. 

If you have the room, an additional compact sofa or a comfy recliner are good furniture pieces to add to your home office. They soften the starkness of a typical workspace and add that element of comfort. Just make sure you don't spend too much time getting too comfortable!

Shelves, especially if you use interestingly designed ones, double up as aesthetic decor elements apart from being space for your files and work related paperwork. Throw in some books and you can build yourself an eclectic shelf. And if space is an issue, then wall shelves come in interesting shapes and sizes.

Hunching over your desktop will not only be bad news for your back but your eyes too will pay the price. So be sure you light up well. Wall sconces, or a pendant light along with a good amount of recessed lighting to keep the space well lit and work as decorative accessories is a good idea.

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