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Jacqueline Fernandez’s Parisian chic inspired home by Ashiesh Shah

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Borrowing from the Jacqueline’s favourite city, Ashiesh Shah marries Paris’ street style with urban design sensibilities for a restrained yet cheerful home

Take a tour of Jacqueline Fernandez’s Parisian-chic apartment in Mumbai

With stellar views of the city, the ocean and light streaming in from all sides, it’s an apartment any of us would kill for. Which is why we completely understand when actor Jacqueline Fernandez moved higher up in the same building in suburban Mumbai. But the empty shell wasn’t quite home enough, so Jacqueline did the next best thing and enlisted the help of her friend, ace interior designer Ashiesh Shah. “My brief was simple. Jacqueline wanted to feel like she was on a holiday even when she got home,” he says. The inspiration for the home came from Jacqueline herself, who wanted to recreate the vibe of her favourite city – Paris.

There was however a long way to go before Ashiesh could construct that careful Parisian shabby chic apartment. The first step was decluttering. Her most memorable times, photographs, artworks and a few select pieces of furniture made the cut. Curtains were brought in to create some depth in the space as there were few walls to demarcate spaces. To give the home a casual, lived-in air, he used wooden furniture with a weathered, antiquated feel and cane and rattan pieces. 

“There was a constant dilemma we faced – Jacqueline loves white as much as she loves colours and wanted her home to have both,” recalls Ashiesh. To appeal to both her sides, the shell and most pieces of furniture was kept white. Soft furnishings then played a key role in adding colour – the couch was designed to be a certain pink; the rugs had as many colours and cushions from Safomasi did their bit to pop out. Artworks, both bought and gifted took centre stage, photographs popped up at regular intervals, flowers were placed strategically and floating shelves doubled up as a bookcase – all serving the purpose of making the home brighter, more welcoming and making it a true reflection of the Jacqueline's personality.

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