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Interior designer Shalin Gandhi tells us what makes a space a bachelor pad

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Living solo doesn’t mean living without style says interior designer Shalin Gandhi of Shalin Gandhi Design Studio, who’s most recent project was a luxurious bachelor pad in Mumbai. Designed for a young entrepreneur, the 1200 sq ft home puts a cool twist on what we think of as masculine style. “The phrase ‘bachelor pad’ tends to evoke images of a home packed with sports memorabilia, wall-hung guitars and shapeless beanbags. But more and more single men are proving that living solo doesn’t mean forsaking a stylish home. A bachelor pad can also embrace a classy, elegant and organized look,” explains Gandhi who believes that you need to “curate” a space rather than just “decorate it.”

Throughout his prolific career, Gandhi has designed many high-profile homes, restaurants and salons in the country. “The most important quality of a home is that it should reflect the homeowner’s ideas and interests in the most beautiful and functional way possible.”

In a freewheeling interview, the Ahmedabad-based designer gave us a peak into the handsomely fitted two-bedroom bachelor pad located on the 29th floor of a Mumbai high-rise, his design philosophy and some tips on how to create the ultimate bachelor pad.

How did you go about designing this home? What were the key points you had in mind?
The client wanted a clutter-free space that is easy on maintenance. A vibrant social life is important for him. So, the layout holds an open space with smaller niches that are perfect to hang out with friends or to entertain but also to work and relax. The living room is well-edited, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow for panoramic views of the glittering Mumbai skyline, an entertainment unit and dangling pendant lights that add an artistic twist and warm up the space. The over-sized leather sofa provides a strong silhouette, while a carefully curated coffee-table is the focal point of the room. The kitchen is compact with a lot of space for movement. This is achieved by not overcrowding the space with unnecessary cabinets. The restrooms are glamourous with white marble, elegant mirrors and dark wood cabinets.

Ahmedabad based designer Shalin Gandhi believes that the most important quality of a home is that it should reflect the owner’s ideas and interests in the most beautiful and functional way possible.

What is the focal point of the home?
It is, undoubtedly, the sophisticated bar. The marble tabletop and teakwood backlit panels add the perfect touch of vintage luxury. Leather bar stools create a defined masculine look while a circular chandelier and quirky art add a youthful flair to the space. Another pivotal element of the space is the use of smart automation. The entertainment devices, lights, air conditioning, door locks and curtains in the home are fully automated. A touch of a button can change the entire ambience with light control and music control integrated into it.

How did you zero in on the colours used throughout the house?
The moody palate is largely grey, olive green, teal and Persian blue. This is essentially to lighten the space and make it look larger than it is. The master bedroom in grey, blue and beige has been designed as a space to relax and unwind while a punchy palette of red, white and mauve animates the guest room.


The pop of colours in the upholstery and artworks in the bedroom works wonders to keep the space light and casual.

The home bar is as swanky as it gets. Complete with rich textures, vibrant lights and luxurious detailing, it's the perfect place to perch for a night cap or when hosting parties.

Clever use of wood paneling adds a masculine touch to a bachelor pad.

What are some of the finishes and textures that add uniqueness to this home?
We have used a lot of teak and oakwood in the design. I believe wood paneling can make any room more refined. It’s the perfect way to keep your apartment looking cozy whilst giving it a masculine edge. Wood paneling also creates a cocoon-like effect. We have also incorporated metal detailing in the TV panel and the bar to jazz things up. The flooring is largely white marble which adds to the luxurious feel of the space.

How well will this home transition from one-person to a family home?
This home was initially a 3BHK (bedroom, hall, kitchen) which we converted into a 2 BHK. The extra bedroom was used to carve a bar. We can easily fold up the bar and go back to an additional bedroom. The furniture in this house can flawlessly transition into a family home. All we have to do is add a few more pieces and build on the existing furniture. The home holds a lot of storage camouflaged behind mirrored surfaces and walls which can be handy for a family. A fresh coat of paint, colourful throw and new cushions will work wonders.

What advice would you give someone designing his own bachelor pad? 
Firstly, keep things as minimal as possible. This will save time, as everything will have its own place and there won’t be too much clutter to distract or maintain. Make sure you have open spaces for when people come over, whether it's to watch a game or catch a movie. Incorporate soft materials such as linen, silk and velvet, so the house doesn’t feel cold and sterile. A smartly tailored sofa, coffee table, books, or art, accessories say a lot about the person. Fill the home with handsome accessories for a polished look. Select a good mix of expensive pieces with less expensive, yet great looking art pieces. The combination gives a rich, luxurious, comfortable feeling. Lastly, outfit the pad with smart home features and the latest technology.


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