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Anyone who has ever seen, liked, pinned or saved décor and interior pictures for DIY inspiration would know what it means to get an itch to try out that same thing in their own space. That’s just what happened when Aditi Rao Hydari opened the doors to her Mumbai home for an episode of Asian Paints Where the Heart Is. We stepped into her bright white living room, looked around—and gave in to the urge to recreate.

The designers at Beautiful Homes Service chose Hydari’s airy and warm dining area, an open-plan space off her living room—as a space to reimagine.

The Inspiration

The beginning of anything lies in getting inspired, that inexplicable tingling of your spidey sense, as it were. For the designers, this began with diagnosing the specifics in Hydari’s dining area. Breaking down the inspiration into manageable filters, they first read the mood of the space, followed by the function it would serve, the colours and patterns that overlayed the pristine white and that extra indefinable something that would enrich the space.

Anyone who has ever seen, liked, pinned or saved decor and interior pictures for DIY inspiration would know what it means to come across an image and get an itch to try out that same thing in their own space. That’s just what happened when Aditi Rao Hydari opened the doors to her Mumbai home. We stepped into her bright white living room, looked around—and gave in to the urge to recreate. The pristine and chic dining space in Aditi Rao Hydari’s home, showcased in this season’s Asian Paints Where the Heart Is, inspired a soothing minimalist recreation of these dining spaces.

Hydari’s clean and crisp dining area was all-white, but it played off the colours in the furnishings in the adjoining living area, the colourful artworks on the walls, warm wooden tones of the table and casual informal seating. All of it evoked extreme comfort and the idea of celebrating great meals with family and friends. The one element that elevated the space was the daylight pouring in through the sheers. We’d locked in on our inspiration, and it was time to express it in a 3D format.

The Visualisation

Going straight from a multitude of images to buying furniture for the room without this crucial step will spell doom for your décor dreams. As any experienced DIY-er would tell you, distilling your inspirations into a solid visual format is a must to see how different elements will work together. So, always create a mood board. It could be a Pinterest board, or a scrapbook, whatever it is, it should help you look at the space you want holistically. And if you want to save time, or generally like your tech to do some work for you, then our 3D visualisation software is the way to go. As the Beautiful Homes Service designers did for the dining space.

The Rendering

The 3D software helped whittle down the numerous options from across the décor spectrum—the type of wood for the floor, the prints for the chairs, the shape of the bench, the works. To achieve an airy and bright mood, the designers used sheers for the windows and added a light fixture above the table. Big colourful prints went on the white walls and patterns were incorporated through a patterned rug and bright cushions for the bench. Then, they did one better and added a side console, and a mirror to amplify the light. While both weren’t part of the original inspiration, they still worked with the objective of the aesthetic they wanted to recreate. (A console in a dining area works from a practical perspective too, as a space to keep the dishes of food at mealtimes.) Don’t be afraid to go with your instinct and add elements that build on your source of inspiration, and most importantly, work for you.

The Final Outcome

Every space comes with its strengths and actually seeing it may spark some novel idea that wasn’t part of the plan. Which is just what the design team did. They saw the space and changed things a bit. Like the upholstery for the dining chairs was found in the market and it turned out to be a great decision. It added freshness to the space. A rug was put on the wooden floor and wooden furniture was chosen for the space. Where they went off-book was with the Nilaya wallpaper on one wall with a mirror adorning it and the console below it. If you pay careful attention, you will notice the slightly mismatched wood for the different furniture pieces, which shouldn’t bring you down if you face something similar when furniture picking, as long as it fits together as a theme.

This dining room, with its clean aesthetic, pretty prints and bright light, is ready for some great food in interesting company. 

Our Shopping List

Sideboard/Console: The ‘Imphal’ solid wood and cane sideboard from the Nilaya collection
Wallpaper: ‘Gulabi W046D29MS75’ wallpaper from the Nilaya by Sabyasachi collection
Paint: ‘Cream Pie’ from the Royale Matte range

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