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An open plan, sunlit home in Vadodara

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The 2,600 sq ft home in Vadodara by Mona Patel and Tejas Patel of Studiovistara is a mix of contrasting textures, materials and finishes

A blank canvas is appealing yet intimidating – while there are several possibilities and endless opportunities, the task of filling it can seem quite daunting. This dilemma, unique to the creative field, can be difficult to overcome and Vadodara based interior designers Mona Patel and Tejas Patel of Studiovistara conquered it with ease.

When the owners of the almost 2,600 sq ft space approached them to remodel their home, they did not have a design direction in mind. So Mona and Tejas decided to build the space around the family’s unique needs and lifestyle­­­­ – the result being an intuitive space that flows with the activities of the owner.

As you walk into the sunlit, spacious living room, an immediate feeling of homecoming is induced by the exposed brick walls. Large windows carved into them allow maximum sunlight to flood the space covered in terrazzo flooring. There is a certain fluidity in the spaces, owing to its unique zigzag pattern that ingeniously allows more creative furniture placement and rids the home of inconvenient corners. The adjoining terrace garden too, follows the same layout.

An entire side of the living room opens into the terrace garden affording sweeping views of the city. Image courtesy, Tejas Shah Photography for Studiovistara

Splashes of colour dominate the entire house through clever use of tiles, fabric and furniture. This has also been achieved through measured placement of eye catching curios and travel finds. This a trick you can try at home too – bring out those souvenirs and place them in dead or empty corners to instantly revive them. Plus, it helps in making the space more personal.

Continuity is provided by the blanket of red bricks that extends into every room – be it the kids’ otherwise blue toned alcove, the kitchen overseeing the living room or the garden terrace. The soft earthy tones can be attributed to the mix of the wide palette of materials used in the apartment. These include natural and recycled elements, wood, metal, cane and recomposed boards and stones.

We love the balance of neutral and vibrant hues found in the house, one that can be modified at any point to suit changing tastes and aesthetics.

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