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A recap of everything we learned from the homes of the experts

Every week we tour homes of people from all walks of life. The Way We Live stories have given us a glimpse into the lives and styles of young couples, older couples, joint families and even single folks - and all of it is a source of inspiration to us and you, our reader. But it is telling that our most popular home tours this year have belonged to designers. From a sprawling bungalow in New Delhi, a spacious 29th floor apartment in a Mumbai high-rise, to a contemporary and minimal rental space in the Capital, these homes belonging to designers are quite a revelation. Here’s a round-up of what we learned from them:


For iconic Indian  fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani his home is all about the senses, not the monetary value of the things in it. Whether it is the antique Pichwai in his living room or the lush garden with drooping foliage his bungalow is surrounded by, everything is there only because it is pleasing to the senses.


This is not only the home of an architect and a fashion designer, it is also the coming together of two individuals with distinct tastes. From these two you can learn how to create a space together with your partner that is not dominated by one person’s preferences but a reflection of both people living in it.


“Make spaces more about people and less about things, this is what induces warmth.” Designer Pavitra Rajaram has cracks, chips and cuts on things all over her home but they all have a memory attached so she doesn’t get them replaced. Her home is also a lesson in layering and finding unusual ways to mix and match.

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