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A Moroccan inspired 3BHK home in Mumbai designed by Studio Node

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Stained glass arches, wooden jalis and a combination of bright and pastel colours evoke Moroccan charm in this Mumbai home by Studio Node

How do you translate a brief which says “Middle-Eastern vibe” into the interiors? Nothing spells that better than the colours of the sky, sun and sand, which is exactly what Studio Node did in this 960 sq ft, 3 BHK apartment. They introduced bright yellows, pale blues and earthy browns in the interiors for an inherently Moroccan look.

As you walk past the entryway, you’ll notice the little details – a wooden jali used as a cupboard door, arched doors fitted with stained glass and painted ceramic crockery used as wall decor. Borrowing elements in small doses from a theme you want to recreate is the best way to stay true to the style without going overboard.

Another thing you’ll notice is how different types of flooring have been used to separate spaces. While you’ll find a light blue carpet 

In the living cum dining space, a two-tone wall balances the bright spurts of colour. The carpet from the entryway extends here as well, giving a sense of continuity by making the spaces flow into each other. A typical middle-eastern jali-like feature stands out as the focal point in the room.

running through the living room and the entryway, a small balcony has been carved out by using a deep ochre floor. This same pattern is followed in the bedrooms as well.

While using several colours in the house, it is important to maintain some semblance of balance. Remember, you have to live with these shades day in and day out, so pick colours that you would want to live with. For instance, in this house, the bright furniture and flooring are balanced by pale, dual-toned walls. In fact, even the tall potted plants play an important role in providing some visual relief.

As with this house, inspiration for your house can come from anywhere, but what the Pinterest boards won’t tell you is to customise and personalise as much as you can. Temper the look and feel to suit your needs – here too, while the colours might reflect a Moroccan palette, gold accents add an Indian touch.

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